A Recommendation: Skyla Dawn Cameron


The awesome, talented, and amazing author Skyla Dawn Cameron is currently having a sale on her novel, Solomon’s Seal only $0.99!!!

I can’t even tell you how much I love this book. Urban Fantasy mixed with Lara Croft is how I can best describe it. But Livi is a very refreshing heroine for so many reasons. She’s not a lone wolf (as so many are), she is a single mother, has friends…and breathtaking adventures. Solomon’s Seal is the first book in the Livi Talbot series, and I highly recommend checking it out!






Disowned and left penniless for getting pregnant as a teen, former celebutante Olivia Talbot was willing to do whatever it took to provide for her daughter…including become a treasure hunter. After the Pulse hit, activating relics of legend, there are plenty of artifacts to be had—not to mention wealthy clients willing to pay top dollar for them.

Just as her daughter’s private school tuition cheque bounces, Livi gets an offer that could be the break she needs to return to some semblance of her former life. A powerful man wants her to travel to Ethiopia and retrieve the Seal of Solomon—a mythical ring said to control demons and djinn—and this bounty comes with one hell of a financial pay off.

The deadline: a week. The team: unreliable. The competition: her world-renowned archaeologist older brother. Nothing Livi can’t handle… Except the danger goes beyond a few subterranean serpent-dragons she might encounter or tangling with her employer’s deadly second-in-command. This client isn’t all he seems, and handing him the ring might be worse than what he’ll do to her—and her daughter—if she doesn’t.



A Recommendation: Vampires


Hello all 🙂 This Tuesday I offer you a look a few authors to consider adding to your reading list…if they aren’t there already! This list will continue, but I figured I’d keep the post shorter than it originally was LOL

Here are some links and book trailers to give you a taste.



author of the Paranormal Detectives series



author of the Being Mrs. Dracula



author of the Storm Chronicles



Giveaways and Little Evil


Two quick things today 🙂

First, I will be having some giveaways starting at the beginning of October. Look for author swag from me (some new stuff!), and I’m hoping for a little treat in the form of a short story, but I’m not going to promise anything just yet on that front 🙂

Second, and those who follow my other social sites already know this, I finally got a chance to see Little Evil on Netflix and…LOVE IT ❤ ❤ ❤ If you enjoy horror-comedy, I highly recommend giving this movie a try. Evangeline Lilly was fantastic, as was Adam Scott and Owen Atlas. I’ve watched it a couple of times now and enjoy it more and more with each watch. If you give it a try, let me know how you liked it!



Series Saturday: Tuck Houston


Happy Saturday! For your reading pleasure, here is an excerpt from Path to Damnation~ Tuck Houston, book two 🙂

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copyright@October Weeks

Published by: Evernight Publishing


Tuck put the locket into the right front pocket of her jeans and checked the rest of the room over. Nothing of importance—to the hunt, that is—was found so she made her way back downstairs and into the kitchen. Looking around, she saw a door that led to the basement.

Please be careful, Ms. Houston. I ask this for my well-being. I cannot get to you in the daylight.”

She heard the sincerity in his voice as she looked for a light of some sort, and took it to heart.

Seeing an oil lamp on the kitchen counter with some matches, she walked over to it, not surprised in the least. Penelope was expecting her. She set her drink down on the counter, lit the lamp, and then opened the basement door. When she stepped onto the first step, the board creaked so loud she lifted her foot immediately.

“That’s not a good sign,” she said, and then blurred down the stairs. She stilled instantly at the sight before her, which glowed softly because of the oil lamp she was holding up. “Damn,” she whispered.

Two sets of chains were hanging from the ceiling with, upon further inspection, old, dried blood, which should not have been there. Tuck looked down when she felt the slight dip her feet were in. A very familiar sort of dip.

She inhaled deeply; a body was below the dirt. A woman.

My adoptive mother.”

The simple statement caught Tuck off guard. Penelope sounded so…lifeless, and that was not something she was used to, though she couldn’t blame the Damned one bit.

Turning her gaze to the right, she noted another sunken area by a rather large iron box; Penelope’s adoptive father, no doubt.

The box sent a shiver through her, and she wasn’t going to open it because she knew damn well what that box was for—humans could be just as terrible to each other as vampires could. She didn’t want to look, but walked over the iron-barred contraption and saw, to her astonishment, more bits of dried, almost gone, human flesh. She inhaled; a human female, and not the mother.

Tuck realized with a sickening twist in her stomach that the smell was Penelope’s human scent, which had a slight floral tint to it—tulips maybe.

She should not be able to scent that, or see it. What the hell?

Do not think on it, Ms. Houston. You won’t like the answer.”

The box had a place to bolt the arms and legs and was only big enough for maybe a thirteen or fourteen-year-old, a small one at that.

Fourteen,” Penelope stated, and again, her tone was lifeless. Flat.

Fucking eerie coming from Penelope.

Tuck took another step closer to it, setting the lamp on top of it then taking a look around the box. When she looked back up, she saw the lamp flame flicker on something against the wall. Closer inspection showed it was an intricate envelope with her name on it. She took it gently off the small hook and picked the lamp back up.

She was ready to leave.

Writing and Cooler Weather


My apologies- I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted!

A little catch-up:

I am currently focusing on two projects. The first Sera book has now passed 36k, and from what else still needs to happen, I feel it’s safe to say that the first draft will come in around 65k/70k. We learn a bit more about the world in this one: how ghosts/the Dark and Glory have affected wars, genocide, and such, and of course how the gift of being an Exorcist works. I’ve given tidbits of that in the Isles and West series, because Roman has made appearances and he’s an exorcist. Sera is the narrator of the new book (probably a dulogy, maybe a trilogy) and since she’s an exorcist you will get to see first hand how the gift works and the toll it can take on a person- both the gifted, and the person/place they’re exorcising.

I’m hoping to have the first book done by the end of the month.

The other series I’m working on is the dark cozy mystery I’ve been mentioning on and off. Book one is complete, and is actually on submission to a publisher. I’m waiting to hear back and I’m hoping to have news soon 🙂 I’m currently writing the second book in this series. I hesitate to share too much, even the series name and main character, but I will say that it is based in the Isles and West world. The town is in Vermont but not one of the tri-towns, and there is a new set of characters. This series is also lighter than the Isles and West series, and has more romance/romantic elements. Though, romance is not the focus of the series, but it does play a larger roll.

The reason I call it a dark cozy mystery is because there are still dark elements in the books. Dark enough that I wouldn’t put it in the light paranormal cozy category, but still far lighter than the Isles and West series. I’m hoping book two will be done by October.

In other news, the weather is cooling down, and you can see and feel hints of autumn in the air. As autumn is my favorite season, this makes me very happy 🙂 Leaves are beginning to change color, the morning air is cooler, and all my favorite holidays are approaching. Hot cocoa, fresh apple cider, harvest foods, hoodies, sweaters, refreshing crisp air…etc. I feel much better in the fall, and am more active. And, of course, there are new horror movies and new seasons of tv shows.

I’m very much looking forward to season two of The Exorcist on FOX, and TLC’s Kindred Spirits for television shows.


For movies, I can’t wait to watch Little Evil on Netflix and Jigsaw.


What are you looking forward to seeing/doing this coming haunting season?