Editing and Editors

You know that saying “a good editor is worth their weight in gold and then some”? It’s true! I am reminded of this every time I get first edits back from a publisher 🙂

Over the last few days, I have been working on first round edits for Salt and Iron, the first Billie Shane book (a novella). I finished the initial pass today and as I read the editors comments I found myself both smiling as well as having several *headdesk* moments for not realizing what I’d missed before. This happens every single time I get edits back.

Every. Single. Time.

I can’t speak for other authors, but I love when I click with an editor. That doesn’t always happen, so when it does I’m eternally thankful that the stars moved into alignment ❤

I will do another pass-through or two before sending these edits back, and then another round will come through.

I’m loving working on Salt and Iron again, and it’s driving the word count up on book two in the process 🙂 I have so many ideas for Billie, but I know her overall arc. She’ll probably have three books, maybe four.

I can’t wait for you all to read the book!

In other news, I have created a blog for the podcast:

click the logo to go to the blog 🙂


I wanted to make it easier for listeners to contact me as well as giving the podcast a place of its own besides the Podbean landing page. So if you are a fan of the podcast, please give the blog a follow to keep up with podcast news!

In non-writing related news, I took a drive yesterday for the first time in three months! I drove up the interstate and then back home I took the scenic route. It was so refreshing to see a change of scenery! I’ve been the same place for three months~ home to work and back (about a mile and half each way), and the grocery store is in between the two. We’ve opened up here a little bit and I so needed that drive. More than I can put into words.

It’s spring in Vermont and everything is blooming and turning green, so the scenic drive was beautiful! I didn’t get out of the car, but it was just nice to see the beauty and enjoy getting out for a couple of hours.

I hope you all are well! ❤ ❤ ❤

And as soon as I have a cover for Salt and Iron, I will share that and the blurb here on the blog 🙂

Writer, Writing

Good morning!


I’m just sitting down for a writing session. A little later than I’d hoped to start this morning but I ran some errands (garage, groceries…etc) and I started my Guinness beef stew (slow cooker recipe), which smells delicious!

This weekend feels like a write-whatever-is-shouting-the-loudest-at-me, which means I’ll probably switch back and forth between manuscripts for a bit before settling into one. I do have one book that I’m revising for something special so that will be the evening writing session, but for the rest of the morning and afternoon it’s a free-for-all 😀

I do hope you’re all enjoying The Blood Queen! I do have the opening written for the first full-length Saint book so you will be seeing more of her 🙂

At this moment, I have fifteen Word files open. Out of that, two are books have been published and I’m just giving them a little freshen-up because the rights revert back to me this year and I plan on self-pubbing them. Another two are short stories, two novellas, and the rest are WIPs. I have countless files of stories that want to be written, but the open files are the ones that are the loudest and that I want to publish this year and next year so they take priority. I do have story out on submission to a publisher and one out to an agent.

What am I most excited about?

The werewolf book! That came out of nowhere!

The werewolf book is writing fast so I think I’ll have done and ready to submit by the middle of next month (must edit and revise before subbing 😉 ). I love werewolves and I know they seem to be everyone sometimes, but I’m excited and I hope you guys will be, too!

Now, I’m taking myself offline, making some tea, and starting my session. I have a timer that keeps me on task (I’m really impressed with it, actually) so I can schedule in breaks and such.

Have a wonderful day!

Oh! Hold on!

Just a reminder that over on my Tumblr page I’m taking prompts. I’m having a blast writing them, so keep them coming in! I have a list of prompts and what I write for, and you can sub through the Ask Me Anything link ❤ ❤ ❤ Now…

Have a fabulous day!

In the Pipeline

Happy Sunday!

It’s been a bit since I lost blogged, so I’m here today to give you the lowdown on what’s going on with my writing 🙂 I have plans, my lovelies. Plans!


First: The Blood Queen is now in the hands of an editor. I plan to release the novella January 7, 2020.

Second: I’ve submitted my YA (the protagonist is 19 🙂 ) to a publisher so keep your fingers crossed!

Third: I have some books whose rights are reverting back to me next year so I will be doing a quick round of edits to freshen the books up and then I’ll self-publish them. I don’t expect to make any major changes but if I do I will announce that when I have re-release dates.

Fourth: I have several books that are in the editing stages, and I am working hard to get those ready for either publisher or to self-publish. Lots of new stuff in the pipeline!

Lastly: I have a publishing plan for next year! Starting with The Blood Queen, I plan to release one book per quarter (new material). This does not include any short stories I may publish in between releases, and it also doesn’t include any re-releases. This is just for brand new works.

So, starting on January 7th, there should be a steady release schedule. I know this year has been slow, and I thank all of you who’ve enjoyed DARK SCORPIO! I can’t wait to share more new stories with next year and thank you so much for sticking with me ❤

Progress is Progress

Despite being grumpy and irritated due to a combination of things, I have managed to pass the 20k mark on Tuck 4 (which does have a title, I’m just not ready to share it 🙂 ). I am happy with that, though I’m frustrated that I can’t write faster due to my broken arm.

It is my upper arm, so I am able to move my lower arm a bit. I can sometimes move the laptop close enough so that I can use both hands but I can’t do that for too long. Physical Therapy is going well and I have another CT scan next week to determine if I need surgery or not (cross your fingers for not!). My bruises are finally fading and the swelling is finally going down, though I’m still in pain and can’t drive too far from home without my arm screaming in pain.

But, progress is progress and I’m roughly at the halfway point in the healing process as long as I don’t need surgery.

Unfortunately, between the pain and lack of sleep, I’m really not feeling that great. I am also grumpy. There is no way to comfortably sleep, I have to sleep on the recliner but I can’t go back too far because it hurts my arm and is terribly uncomfortable. I wake up about every hour and a half/two hours and have to adjust myself. I tried sleeping on the couch with pillows stack behind me but no, not gonna happen.

I try and keep myself in a positive mood, and I’m generally a happy person, but sometimes…that’s not so easy. However, I have a lot to look forward to this year so that keeps me from wallowing and crawling into a black hole.

I’m happy with the progress of Tuck 4~ it has found its feet! I have also started work on another UF that I’m excited about. Have about 2k on that one. I am doing one last revision on the short novella for the anthology before sending it out to my editor~ I will announce the anthology soon and release a blurb for the story, but right now I just want to focus on getting it ready for the editor.

So, as frustrating as slowing down has been, there have been some good things to come out of the injury.

…but I still hope it heals enough so that I can at least sleep on the couch 🙂 I’m really tired of sleeping in the recliner!


Monday Madness

I hope everyone who has read/reading A Taste So Bittersweet is enjoying it!

I didn’t get much writing in this weekend, as I had edits to complete and some friends visiting. This week I hope to get started on a new book, the first of new series, and to make some progress on the fantasy book as well as the slayer world book (new characters!).

So, not much to report on this Monday Madness. Hopefully next Monday will be different and I’ll have lots to list! 🙂