Writer, Writing

Good morning!


I’m just sitting down for a writing session. A little later than I’d hoped to start this morning but I ran some errands (garage, groceries…etc) and I started my Guinness beef stew (slow cooker recipe), which smells delicious!

This weekend feels like a write-whatever-is-shouting-the-loudest-at-me, which means I’ll probably switch back and forth between manuscripts for a bit before settling into one. I do have one book that I’m revising for something special so that will be the evening writing session, but for the rest of the morning and afternoon it’s a free-for-all πŸ˜€

I do hope you’re all enjoying The Blood Queen! I do have the opening written for the first full-length Saint book so you will be seeing more of her πŸ™‚

At this moment, I have fifteen Word files open. Out of that, two are books have been published and I’m just giving them a little freshen-up because the rights revert back to me this year and I plan on self-pubbing them. Another two are short stories, two novellas, and the rest are WIPs. I have countless files of stories that want to be written, but the open files are the ones that are the loudest and that I want to publish this year and next year so they take priority. I do have story out on submission to a publisher and one out to an agent.

What am I most excited about?

The werewolf book! That came out of nowhere!

The werewolf book is writing fast so I think I’ll have done and ready to submit by the middle of next month (must edit and revise before subbing πŸ˜‰ ). I love werewolves and I know they seem to be everyone sometimes, but I’m excited and I hope you guys will be, too!

Now, I’m taking myself offline, making some tea, and starting my session. I have a timer that keeps me on task (I’m really impressed with it, actually) so I can schedule in breaks and such.

Have a wonderful day!

Oh! Hold on!

Just a reminder that over on my Tumblr page I’m taking prompts. I’m having a blast writing them, so keep them coming in! I have a list of prompts and what I write for, and you can sub through the Ask Me Anything link ❀ ❀ ❀ Now…

Have a fabulous day!

Coming Soon…

Happy National Book Lovers Day!

With the recent release of Dark Scorpio (I hope you’re all enjoying it!), I thought it would be a good time to let you now what’s coming down the pipe πŸ™‚

*Sera’s first book: is in the final round of revisions before I send it to an editor. I’m hoping for a December/January release date.

*The Blood Queen novella: second round of revisions and then will be off to an editor. Hoping for an October/November release date. The cover is done (as you have all seen!), so all that’s left is the editing.

*YA Urban Fantasy: is chugging along at a nice pace! I’m so excited for this one πŸ˜€

*Dark Cozy: looking for a home at the moment, but I am considering self-publishing it. Book two is already 1/4 of the way written. I plan for this to be a trilogy.

*Tuck 4: is getting there. Taking longer than planned but I get the rights back to the first two books next year and am hoping to have book four done and ready to release not long after I re-release the first two.

*I have two short stories, three novellas, and four novels (including the first full-length book in the Dark Zodiac series) on my plate. All are writing very well!

I am hoping that the next year will be full of releases and some other good news. The cue is lining up~ your patience is appreciated and I’m so excited for you all to read the new stories!!!


Well, Hello There

Long time, no post! My apologies ❀

My broken arm is still healing but it’s slowly getting better. Now that it’s making new bone and actually knitting back together the pain has lessened to a deep, constant ache. Physical therapy has been stepped up to get my shoulder moving again now that the doctor gave the okay.


A few announcements for the writing side of things:

*Tuck 4 is approaching 40k and still writing at a good clip. This book will more than likely be self-published, as I mentioned before. I get the rights back next March and April for the first two books in the series and when I do I will redo the covers (I love the current ones but I can’t keep those 😦 ), do a quick edit, and then put them back up. I’m hoping to have book four out before the end of the year.

*Sera’s first book is still being revised~ hoping for a late summer/early fall release.

*I am working on five other books that are in varying stages that I hope to have all writing by fall, and I believe I can do that with the swiftness I’ve been writing.

*I have a story in an anthology that is finished, been edited, and is now with the publisher. It is called DARK SCORPIO and will be released in October of this year. It is the start of a series, and yes, the first official book is part of the previously mentioned five that I’m working on πŸ™‚

I will update you as things progress~ thank you for sticking with me!


Happy Sunday!


It is sleeting and snowing today, which means it’s a perfect day for a big mug of hot cocoa πŸ™‚ I will be changing tea later but right now I am enjoying the cocoa- dark chocolate, of course ❀

Tuck 4 is closing in on 35k, and if the pace yesterday keeps up today I will be over 40k by the end of the day. This makes me happy…and puts the book ahead of schedule. I am still aiming for a Spring release~ somewhere between the end of April and the middle of May.

Normally on Sundays I write whatever book is talking the loudest, which can change throughout the day, and right now Tuck is loud LOL

Last Sunday I wrote a little over 2k on the first book in a new series. Came out of nowhere and I wrote that first chapter in a little over an hour. That is how insistent the main character is to tell her tale. The book is Urban Fantasy and I’m actually very excited about it. I think you guys will love the main character πŸ™‚

The other UF I’m working on is flowing smoothly as well~ lots of UF stories in my head! Here’s the status of the other books I’m working on:

*Sera’s first book has gone through second revisions, and I’m almost ready to send it to the editor. I want to do one more pass before I do that, though.

*Delilah and Milly’s fourth book is well underway πŸ™‚

*While one anthology short story is with the editor, I am working on another short story to submit to a different anthology.

*I am also working on a novella that will lead to a new trilogy in the Isles and West world. This will take place in Boston, with a different set of characters that I think you’ll love. You also get to see a bit of how those who survived the attacks in Ghoultown are doing.

In non-writing news, my arm is slowly- slowly– healing. It hurts, as expected, and sleep is still a struggle but progress is progress and I am remaining positive. I have another appointment with the doctor at the beginning of March and that will determine if I need surgery for the piece of bone that broke away (holding on my one tiny corner). I do not want surgery (I had it a year ago and don’t wish to go through it again, no matter how simple it may seem).

I’ve watched a lot of movies, since I can’t really go out and do stuff- if it’s not my arm, it’s the weather. Last night I watched Mortal Engines, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know why it wasn’t more successful because I thought it was absolutely awesome! No, I haven’t read the book πŸ™‚

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Progress Report

Happy Saturday! I just realized that it’s been a bit since I gave a progress report on my writing. So, here we go:

Sera’s Book: going well! Probably another 20k before the rough draft is done. Getting close! And yes, it does have a title, but I’ll wait to announce that once the first round of revising is done πŸ™‚

On Submission: the first book of a trilogy that is on submission is…well, I’m still waiting to hear πŸ™‚ This is the nature of publishing and that’s okay. I’m very excited to share this series and hope to have news for you before the end of the year. I think you’re going to love the characters, and the mysteries I set upon them.

Other Stories: I finally nailed the perfect opening for Tuck 3, and that makes me so happy that happy isn’t an adequate enough word πŸ™‚ Hopefully this will now make the book write faster and more smoothly. We get to meet new slayers and deepen the world as well as put poor Tuck through the ringer again…because that’s how I roll ❀

I’m also working on two other stories, but I don’t want to say too much right now. Once I’m deeper into those books I will talk about them more.

And that’s my progress report. I know it’s been a while since I released new material, but these things take time ❀ Good things are coming soon!

An Update on Things

Hello πŸ™‚ I hope this post finds you well! I haven’t done an update post in a bit so here we go:

1) I’m working on edits for two books right now. Hoping to have both done by this Sunday/Monday. So far, it’s looking like I’ll reach that goal πŸ™‚

2) I’m writing on three different novels, two of which will be finished (rough drafts) by the end of November. I’m aiming for the end of December to have at least one of them on submission.

3) Short stories- I’m working on two right now. One in Tuck’s POV, and one in another slayer’s. I’m quite excited about both.

4) I’ve written here and there on the epic fantasy. This is just the pace of the book because a lot has to go into it and I’ve been building a series bible to keep track of people, histories, and major events that are the key factors to what’s happening in to my main character and why. I’ve just accepted that this thing will be done when it wants to and I’m not going to try and force it. The words flow better that way with this story.

And that’s pretty much it for catching you up πŸ™‚ Book three of the Isles and West series- Aequitas – will be December 16th! Not too long now. I’m very excited for you all to read this one.

I’m hoping to do either a Fantasy Friday post tomorrow, or a Series Saturday. I’m getting behind on that (my apologies!). I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Monday Madness

I hope you all had a great weekend!Β This Monday Madness will be short and sweet:

*Β the dark cozy mystery is now over 20k! I’m just shy of 22k at this moment and expect to surpass that today πŸ™‚

* the other two books I’m working on are coming along nicely- one is close to 10k, the other a little over 5k.

So writing is going very well, and I hope to have the rough draft of the dark cozy done in the next three or four weeks. I’d like to start submitting it around the end of September. I’d also like the other two books to be finished by the end of the year- either in rough draft form or final draft form.

Also, I’m hoping to show off The Duchess cover this week πŸ™‚ It’s gorgeous!