Something Special Coming

Happy Saturday!

The writing is going incredibly well 🙂 I have a lot going at the same time but each are fire and it’s a whirlwind!

I do have a new cover to share!!! However, I’m going to try to hold off on the reveal until at least mid-February. But…anyone who has followed me for a while knows I’m terrible at keeping covers to myself 😀 I’m going to try with this one, though. I really am!

I’ll give you one thing, though- it’s Saint’s second book 🙂

Fear Gear and Writing

Happy Monday!

First things first: I’m in the process of revising a few novellas, and I’m about 50 pages away from finishing the one that I’m hoping to get out by at least September of this year. It’s in the Isles and West world- different characters, different locations. I’m loving it. It doesn’t suck as much as I thought it did upon the finishing the zero draft!

I should have a few covers this quarter to share if all goes well, so look out for those as well 🙂

Second: if you follow me on social media, especially TikTok, you’ll know how much I love to watch Destination Fear on Discovery+. Last Friday they aired the season finale and I LOVED it! I really hope we get more seasons because I don’t know what it is about this show, but it’s definitely my favorite. I even ordered a hoodie from their FearGear shop 😀 That’s how much I love it.

A lot of paranormal tv is entertainment on top of investigating, but Destination Fear has a bit of a different take and that’s why I like it so much.

I’ll be playing around with the appearance of the blog today, on my revision break, so don’t alarmed if you come to the blog and it’s changed a few times 🙂

Vampires, Oh My

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to do a quick blog about my Tuck Houston series.

Currently, I am still working on book four, which is going well. I am also doing a light revision on book three, The Arena, which is available through Evernight Publishing. The rights to The Arena revert back to me in late summer so I am getting it ready to be back on the market shortly after. This includes getting a new cover. Most of the book will be unchanged, but I am making changes to the last three chapters. Parts of the ending, as it is now, is not the original vision I had for Tuck so I am revising those end parts to match where I wanted her to be. If I time everything right, I can have Tuck 4 ready to go a month after I rerelease The Arena.

Fingers crossed!

I remember writing The Damned very clearly because it only took me three weeks to write the first draft. Three weeks! That was the first time that had happened. I originally wrote it back in the early 2004 and it went through so many changes before I first published it (in 2015). For years, it had two POV’s: Tuck’s and Fiona’s. It was probably like that for a solid six years, until I had a friend beta read it for me. In that time I’d written book two and part of book three. The Damned went through several revisions after the beta read in order to make the story solely in Tuck’s point of view. Changing that also changed the already written Path to Damnation (book two), which was also in both POV’s 🙂

Sasha and his vampires as well as Thorne had a lot of page time in the original Path to Damnation and the third book.I ended up scrapping the third book because the main plots of both books wrapped up nicely in Path to Damnation.

The Arena took a couple of years to get started because I couldn’t find the right next hunt. But the moment Lucia came into my mind and said, “Excuse me, but I need The Ripper”, the book caught fire and I wrote it in about four weeks. I think it’s actually my favorite of the three, and I can’t wait to get book four in your hands!

Happy New Year

Happy 2023! I’m wishing you all a happy, healthy, wonderful new year ❤

I’m brushing off the blog 🙂 In hopes of posting at least once a week for the entire year- that’s the goal I’ve set for myself. After sitting down and really looking at where I’d like to be with my writing at the end of 2023, I’ve set a handful of goals for all of my social media pages. I am currently on:

TikTok ~ Instagram ~ Facebook

I did end up deleting my Twitter account- for both of my pen names -for a few reasons. The number one and most important reason was that I was not on that platform enough to warrant keeping it. Once I realized just how little I used it, on top of what was going down over there, I decided it wasn’t worth keeping it. I’ve decided to keep the above three as well as my YouTube channel, which I use for both my book trailers and my podcast.


Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast on:

Podbean ~ Apple ~ Spotify

I’m still having a lot of fun with the podcast and am hoping to record more this year as well! I’m working on some merch for Haunted October’s Paranormal Podcast and am loving it 🙂

You can still find me on Pinterest as well.

I will be updating the main website as well as the blog theme this month- both are due for a brushing up!

In writing news, I’ll admit to having trouble getting anything finished over the last year. I’ve been working through a lot of personal things and outside stresses have played a part as well. I’ve been writing, but not finishing. That said, the writing has been on fire the last few months- my trip to Scotland in October really helped me 🙂 I’m hoping to have at least two books out this year as well as submitting to publishers and agents with another book. I’ll have some covers to share soon as well! I did get one new book published under my Libby Bishop pen name, so if you’re up for some romance starring yourself, head over to my other page for info 🙂

Libby Bishop

In personal news, I sold my house over the summer and am now in a cozy apartment. I was ready to sell the house, and frankly, it was too expensive and too big for just me. My emotions did get the best of me a few times during the process of selling it, both because of some issues that came up (we won’t even go there!) as well as saying goodbye to my home of nine and half years. The actual move was stressful (again, we won’t even go there!), but I got through it.

Back in October, I took my first solo trip overseas, to Scotland. What an amazing country! I cannot wait to go back- I had the best time and felt so at home there. If you follow my other social media, you’ll know how stressful I find airports- I almost turned around in the airport before ever boarding! I don’t mind the plane, or the flying. Just the airport gives me overwhelming anxiety LOL I’m so happy I pushed myself and got on that plane!

I cannot wait to share more stories with you- on here as well the podcast. Thank you so much for sticking with me so long between books!

Here’s to a wonderful, productive, and less stressful 2023. I know we can all use a little breather ❤

Well, Hello There!

Hello, my lovelies 🙂 I apologize for the long blog absence! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Writing…and the podcast…and getting my house ready to sell. I’ve posted on Instagram and TikTok but was waiting for some book news before posting here. However, it’s been too long and even with no book news, I wanted to post 🙂

I took a few days away from the television and social media not long ago and it did wonders for my writing. My writing really took off! I have a lot of forward momentum with three of the books I’m working and I could not be more excited. If you’ve been wanting to do a break from social media, I highly suggest doing so. I plan on doing another break soon- I even slept better for those few days.

I’m revising Tuck 3, The Arena, a little bit as the rights revert back to me soon and I want to get it back out on the market as soon as I can. I’ve finished the first round, just some minor changes throughout and a bigger change at the end, but the story remains the same. In this process, I’ve began working on the 4th, and final, book in the series…which I’ve been stuck on for ages, it seems.

I’m also working on TWO new books, unrelated to any of my series and another book in the Isles and West world (a stand-alone that I am having a blast writing!).

As for reading, I’ve just finished the new book in the Ellie Jordan series, by J.L. Bryan (I’ve highlighted that series on the blog before). Cabinet Jack was a great edition to the series and highly recommend giving it a read if you loved the other books!

click image to go to Amazon

I will have a new podcast up tonight! The links will go live as soon as it’s uploaded and I do hope you’ll give it a listen ❤

I’m hoping to post on here more, so stayed tuned for new posts and book news in the future!

Free Halloween Reads

Happy Halloweek! 🙂

I have some FREE spooky reads for you. These links are for NOOK, but they will be free on KOBO as well. I will post links when the sale finally goes LIVE there.