There’s a new short story up on the website: The Legend of Old Jack!

Teaser Tuesday

Here’s a little tease from Path to Damnation :)

I’ve added a new page to the main website. It’s the Short Story Freebie Page!

It’s exactly what it sounds like. I’ll upload short stories to the site and you can click the file to open it in PDF–all for FREE :) Right now, I have The Red Barn up and ready to read.



I’ve been asked the following questions enough that I decided to do a blog to answer them :) And let me just say that it makes me sooo happy that you all want more books in Tuck’s world!


Q: Will there be more Tuck books?

Answer: Yes. I’m currently writing book three now, but I’m not certain how long it’ll take to finish as I have contracted books to work on as well. I can tell you that the new book takes place several months after the events in Path to Damnation…and that’s all :)


Q: Will there be books in Tuck’s world?

Answer: Why, yes, there will be! I’ve already got the start of a novel set in the slayer world that has a new cast of characters. I really love the idea of the book, and I hope I can do it justice. Here’s a hint–the family that the book is based on is mentioned in Path to Damnation.


I love Tuck’s world, and there are so many stories within it—from different slayers, and maybe a vampire or two—that writing them would keep me infinitely busy. I do realize I can’t write them all but I’ll do my best! Most of the stories will be one book each, but some have a two book arc. I’ll keep all you awesome readers up to date!



Today is the day–the release of Path to Damnation, sequel to The Damned! Below are the current buy links. I’ll add more as the books pops up on the sites (sometimes there’s a lag time, especially with Barnes and Noble). Happy Reading!!!


Evernight Publishing

(currently, the book is $1.50 off at their site!)


AllRomance Ebooks


Barnes and Noble



Path to Damnation is up on Amazon and Evernight Publishing–I’ll have a blog post up tomorrow with all the links :) But at the moment… The Damned is on SALE on Amazon for $0.99!!! Spread the word, and Happy Reading :D

clicking on cover take you to Amazon :)


Small Update

Path to Damnation will be releasing MAY 1st!

Here’s the blurb:

“Come little slayer, into my lair, and we shall play a game…”

Ten months after the events with Josef Dragos, slayer Tuck Houston is in Iceland training with her strigoi guardian. The strigoi blood awakened in her gives her no choice but to do so. But her training is interrupted by the one Damned who keeps slipping out of her grasp—Penelope.

The beautiful Damned has finally come calling to finish the game she started with Tuck a little over sixteen years ago. But instead of retrieving Tuck herself, Penelope is sending her on a scavenger hunt. A hunt that Tuck’s more than ready to go on, despite the fact that it’s going to drive her deeper into the world of the strigoi and the darkness that birthed Penelope.

Tuck welcomes the darkness, knowing that at the end of it all that could spell her death.


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