Contract: Ghoultown

I’m so happy to announce that Ghoultown will be re-releasing with Vamptasy Publishing!

As most of you know, Ghoultown was originally publishing by Musa Publishing (which has sadly closed its doors). The novella is a sort of prequel to the Isles and West trilogy, where you get to see one of Delilah and Milly’s most trying and biggest cases while they were in training. Their world is one where ghosts and dark beasties are known to exist, as are those who have the gifts to deal with them. I’m very excited for the book to once again be available to the dark fantasy/paranormal loving masses!!!

Release date, blurb, and cover to come :)




Here are some wallpapers for you awesome readers :) Right now, all I’ve made is widescreen ones but I’ll try and resize them (I’m out of practice with Photoshop LOL).





Slayer Stories in the Pipeline

I’ve been asked the following questions enough that I decided to do a blog to answer them :) And let me just say that it makes me sooo happy that you all want more books in Tuck’s world!


Q: Will there be more Tuck books?

Answer: Yes. I’m currently writing book three now, but I’m not certain how long it’ll take to finish as I have contracted books to work on as well. I can tell you that the new book takes place several months after the events in Path to Damnation…and that’s all :)


Q: Will there be books in Tuck’s world?

Answer: Why, yes, there will be! I’ve already got the start of a novel set in the slayer world that has a new cast of characters. I really love the idea of the book, and I hope I can do it justice. Here’s a hint–the family that the book is based on is mentioned in Path to Damnation.


I love Tuck’s world, and there are so many stories within it—from different slayers, and maybe a vampire or two—that writing them would keep me infinitely busy. I do realize I can’t write them all but I’ll do my best! Most of the stories will be one book each, but some have a two book arc. I’ll keep all you awesome readers up to date!



The Damned on Sale!

Path to Damnation is up on Amazon and Evernight Publishing–I’ll have a blog post up tomorrow with all the links :) But at the moment… The Damned is on SALE on Amazon for $0.99!!! Spread the word, and Happy Reading :D

clicking on cover take you to Amazon :)