Well, Hello There!

Hello, my lovelies 🙂 I apologize for the long blog absence! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

Writing…and the podcast…and getting my house ready to sell. I’ve posted on Instagram and TikTok but was waiting for some book news before posting here. However, it’s been too long and even with no book news, I wanted to post 🙂

I took a few days away from the television and social media not long ago and it did wonders for my writing. My writing really took off! I have a lot of forward momentum with three of the books I’m working and I could not be more excited. If you’ve been wanting to do a break from social media, I highly suggest doing so. I plan on doing another break soon- I even slept better for those few days.

I’m revising Tuck 3, The Arena, a little bit as the rights revert back to me soon and I want to get it back out on the market as soon as I can. I’ve finished the first round, just some minor changes throughout and a bigger change at the end, but the story remains the same. In this process, I’ve began working on the 4th, and final, book in the series…which I’ve been stuck on for ages, it seems.

I’m also working on TWO new books, unrelated to any of my series and another book in the Isles and West world (a stand-alone that I am having a blast writing!).

As for reading, I’ve just finished the new book in the Ellie Jordan series, by J.L. Bryan (I’ve highlighted that series on the blog before). Cabinet Jack was a great edition to the series and highly recommend giving it a read if you loved the other books!

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I will have a new podcast up tonight! The links will go live as soon as it’s uploaded and I do hope you’ll give it a listen ❤

I’m hoping to post on here more, so stayed tuned for new posts and book news in the future!

New Release: A Cold Winter’s Night

Today’s the day! A Cold Winter’s Night is now officially on sale ❤



Exorcist Sera Madden was trained by the most powerful people in her field. Her family saw to it that those people had been on the side of the Dark, and that Sera knew the price of not following the rules. But when the time came to finally break free, Sera took it, and in the process sent several of her immediate family to prison…and learned that she is a reincarnated spirit. Now, she lives in the one town that her family will not go. The town that paid a heavy price the last time her family lived there.

Whispering Falls, Vermont has slowly started to thaw to Sera, thanks to her standing up to her family. When she is offered an olive branch by the local paranormal detectives, she immediately takes it, pleased to be able to use her gift to help rather than hurt. The case involves a woman who has a dark entity attached to her, and when Sera reads the woman with her gift she finds that the woman is a reincarnated spirit with a connection to the entity that spans centuries. But as Sera digs deeper into the mystery, she realizes the woman is not the only one with a connection to the dark being.

Happy Reading!

Redesigning Isles and West

Happy Friday!

Whilst determining when to release A Cold Winter’s Night, I decided that the whole Isles and West series needed a redesign for covers. It was time for a freshen up and what better time than leading up to Sera’s first book? I will have these uploaded to retailer sites this weekend, and then the interior of the ebooks will be updated with the new cover as well and an updated book list a week or two later.

These covers were designed by the amazing Skyla Dawn Cameron (every author needs a Skyla in their life ❤ ). I am planning on putting these out in print either at the end of the first quarter or during the second quarter of this year, so look for that as well 🙂

Aren’t they beautiful! I’m so in love ❤

The other reason I decided to do this is because I am working a lot more with this series and this world, and I felt the need to really freshen up the look to match the newer books in the Isles and West world. I hope to have at least three books in this series out this year, but no promises at this moment. Might be only two 🙂

Don’t forget that A Cold Winter’s Night is up for pre-order!

Available For Pre-Order

Happy Sunday!

On the heels of a new podcast (which I haven’t done in two months), I have a new blog up 🙂 As you may have noticed, I did not release Sera’s first book in December. A lot was going on last month and I took a break from writing: I didn’t write unless I wanted to and wrote only what was inspiring me that day.

That helped get my writing mojo back in full force. I have many books going at the moment, but the five major ones are writing incredibly well now so I hope to keep my once-a-quarter releases rolling this year. I have a few re-releases slated this year as well.

A Cold Winter’s Night will be released February 15, 2021! It is now available for pre-order. Kobo doesn’t have it up yet but B&N and Amazon do, and as soon as the pre-order goes live on Kobo, I will post that link 🙂


New Release: A Haunted Homecoming

Happy Halloween!

A Haunted Homecoming is now available! Just in time for Halloween 🙂 I hope you all enjoy Elvira’s first story ❤



With little money and on the brink of losing her beloved home, thirty-five year old medium Elvira Monk could use a little ray of sunshine. As she drives home after a long day, with a heavy heart, she discovers that her childhood best friend has returned to town. Drea Cahill offers her a case involving Drea’s family home, which has been vacant since 1972. The distraction is most welcomed. 

But after finding the body of one of Drea’s acquaintances in the house, they’re drawn into a race against time. If they don’t solve the mystery of Brennan Manor quickly, it could spell Drea’s death. For whoever holds the deed to the house is also tied to the Dark beast within it.

Happy Reading!

And have a safe Halloween, Samhain, and Day of the Dead ❤