On the Bright Side

So, I slipped on ice the other day and broke my arm (the humerus) and gave my head a good knock. Writing will be slow going for a bit 😦 I am thankful it wasn’t worse.

In good news, The Duchess and Aequitas are now available as ebooks!!!! Links below.

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Tuesday Snippet

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate, and a Happy Tuesday to those who do not 🙂 Here is a tiny snippet from Over the River, which is on sale on Kobo for a limited time!

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copyright@OctoberWeeks 2018

Resuming her picture taking, Delilah found herself near the sandbox again. A presence stirred the air, poking around her energy like icy fingers. She took a picture, waiting patiently for the spirit to appear. It was struggling against the pressure of the “someone.” She didn’t urge the ghost—no need to rush.

Shoveling—a shovel digging into dirt.

The impression of a small shovel dug into the snow and scooped it up. The white powder traveled in the air for a moment before sliding off and disappearing. A few seconds later, the grainy echo of dirt hitting the bottom of a bucket touched her ears.

The ghost was trying to tell her something. Sometimes, a child spirit had a hard time putting a full image through, but the audio was loud and clear.

“Put that shovel down right now!”

Delilah jumped at the shrill voice. A door swung open behind her, but she kept her gaze on the stilled snow in front of her. It was halfway to the bucket. Fear from the child began to grip her mind. The poor thing was frozen with it.

“But Mama, I…”

Delilah moved her head slightly. Footsteps appeared in the snow beside her, about a foot away. The sound of fabric rustling came and stopped.

“I said no playing, young man.” The woman’s voice shook with anger.

The fear rose.

“You know the rules.”

“I just wanted to play for a minute!” the boy pleaded.

Delilah sensed him huddled in the sandbox, making himself small.

“It’s been days, Mama!”
A growl came from the woman. Ice crawled up Delilah’s arm in response.

“I know the days, son.” The words were said in a dangerous whisper.

Re-Release: Over the River

Happy Wednesday!

Over the River is again available!



Down a snowy dirt road, in a farmhouse filled with death and fear, there is a woman…

The Weatherby Mills history books paint Joslyn Faust as a kind and generous woman who was willing to help any of her neighbors in need. Weatherby Mills lore, however, holds her ghost responsible for the deaths of four men.

Delilah Isles knows all the legends of the tri-towns: from the friendliest and nastiest of ghosts, to the dangerous and terrifying beasts and beings of the Dark and Glory. So when the case of the Faust Homestead lands on her desk, she is both intrigued and skeptical.

Working for the New England Spirit Society, she and her partner, Milly West, have seen spirits and non-human entities commit many brutal attacks. After all, the N.E.S.S. only investigates the most violent and disturbing cases. However, even with the four assaults contributed to Joslyn Faust, Delilah isn’t certain the case is truly N.E.S.S. material. That all changes the first time she and Milly set foot on the Faust property and witness firsthand just how vicious the celebrated townswoman’s spirit can be.



I am planning on putting these up on iBooks, so stay tuned for that link!

Ghoultown Re-Release

Happy Thursday!

I have a special announcement today 🙂 Ghoultown~ an Isles and West novella~ is being re-released! Right now, it has gone live on Kobo, but I will post links as it goes live elsewhere.

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Boston is on its knees: one hundred sixteen infected, eighty-two dead. There is no sign that the attacks from the Dark will stop anytime soon.

In training with the FBI’s Reaper Team, Delilah Dalton and Milly Shores—two nineteen year olds with gifts to deal with the dead and the Dark—are caught up in the gruesome case. A case that will push their abilities to the limit.

If the team can’t stop the killing soon, South Boston will be nothing but a blood-drenched feeding ground for dark beasts.


Book Trailer:


This is my first time self-publishing, and luckily I have experienced people walking me through the process (thank you Skyla Dawn Cameron!). If all goes well this round, I will re-release the full-length books as well as my short story, The Red Barn. Hopefully that will happen by the end of this year.

In the meantime, please enjoy Ghoultown once again! I did a light edit, so only a few minor changes have been made. In series news, I am revising Sera’s first novel, which I hope to have ready once the other three are released. That way you all get a new book right off the bat 🙂 I am also working on the new Delilah and Milly novel.

Have a great day!

Christmas Morning

Good morning, and Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Happy Monday to those who do not 🙂 We have beautiful snow falling quietly down this morning, and it’s just so peaceful that it makes me feel peaceful as I watch it gently fall.

Confession: I have never been able to sleep on Christmas morning. I’ve always been up between 2am and 4am, even now as an adult…and without children 😀 I’m sure it annoyed the hell out of my mom and siblings growing up LOL But now it’s more about the feeling of the holiday season rather than “Come on, let’s see what Santa brought us!”

October through December have always been my favorite months, and not just because of the holidays. They’d still be my favorite months even if the holidays were taken out. And to help celebrate this wonderful time of year, I am going to be doing a giveaway!

DATES: December 25 through January 1st

HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite season is.

PRIZE PACK: an Isles and West hoodie (several colors to choose from), an October Weeks mug, an Isles and West keychain, an ebook copy of The Damned and Path to Damnation, and a $5 gift card to Amazon.

This is what the hoodie look like in Heather Gray:

Speaking of Isles and West…

Today through Friday, all three of the full-length books in the series will be on sale for $0.99! You can purchase your copies by clicking the image below.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, calm day ❤


Aequitas Snippet

Here is a snippet of Aequitas~ Isles and West, book three.



copyright@October Weeks



When she arrived at Edison a half hour later, she parked next to Milly’s Range Rover and rushed inside. Milly and Mariah Tapman— head administrator —met her by the front desk.

“How’s Beca?”

Mariah hung her head for a moment. “We have Beca stable, but she’s weak and injured. Her left wrist and right foot are sprained and she has multiple bruises on bones and flesh. Her energy is depleted, and her mind…” Mariah sighed, and then took a deep breath. “Her mind has taken a beating as well. Whoever attacked her did a bang-up job of causing her physical and mental harm.”

“How are you treating her?” Milly asked.

“We have her in the children’s section under the protection of several energy barriers. Right now we’re having her body and spirit cleansed of the dark taint that attacked her. We calmed her mind, but it will take time for nightmares— both when she’s awake and asleep —to fade. She’ll probably be out until this afternoon.”

Currently, it was around two-thirty in the morning.

“Where’s Evie? Teri and Laird?” Delilah asked.

“Laird is sitting with Beca, Teri and Evie are waiting for you in my office. Go on up— the office is yours.”

“Thank you, Mariah,” Milly said. “We’ll talk to you soon.”

“Take care,” Mariah replied.

Delilah gave a nod, worry coursing through her as she and Milly began walking down the hall then taking a flight of stairs to the second floor. Mariah’s office was three doors down and to the left. Teri was sitting on the couch, a packet of tissues in hand. She stood immediately as they walked into the room.

“Thank Glory you’re here!” she cried as she stood.

Delilah embraced her first, and then Milly.

“Sit back down, Teri,” Delilah said gently. “Mariah has caught us up on Beca’s condition. You know the drill— tell us what happened.”

Delilah grabbed a chair, as did Milly, and sat in front of the couch. Evie was sitting beside Teri.

“I woke around one in the morning,” Teri began, hands bunching the tissues between them, “because I felt this deep sense of something in the house. Our house is well-guarded because of my work.” She was a highly regarded medium, who worked with both law enforcement and privately with families. “Nothing should have gotten in, and I felt nothing attaching itself to Beca.”

Evie took her hand. “What next?”

“I got out of bed and walked the house, following the sense of darkness. I found it in Beca’s room. I walked inside and she was…hovering five or so feet above the bed.” The tears fell harder. “A girl a little older than Beca came into my mind, smiling, and she felt dark. I told her to leave my daughter be. She threw Beca against the wall in return, and then tossed her around the room as I pushed and pushed at her with energy and words. Just like a rag doll. Laird tried to get in the room, but that little girl kept him out.”

Delilah’s heart broke seeing her good friend in so much pain. To see not only a friend, but a co-worker of Leo and Derek fighting so hard… Anger wasn’t a strong enough word for what she was feeling at the moment.

“I shouted ‘Get away from my daughter! I order you out!’ and pushed energy out of myself. Everything stilled— Beca hovered four or so feet above the floor. The little girl came to my mind again, weakened. She told me ‘Tell them this is the first warning’, and then all the windows in the room imploded. I pushed the rest of my energy out and the little girl shattered in my mind. Her spirit shattered, just like the windows. Beca dropped to the floor…we rushed over here…”

“It’s okay, Teri,” Evie soothed. “Beca is going to be okay. She’s safe.”

Teri nodded, taking deep breaths as she tried to calm herself.

“Teri,” Milly said softly, “what did she look like? The girl you saw.”

“Um…waist length dark brown hair, a little lighter than Delilah’s. Light brown eyes, very light skin.” She swallowed, and it looked painful. “She, um…she was wearing a nightgown that looked a couple centuries old.”

“Did she give her name?” Delilah asked. “Or the names of those she was telling you to warn?”

Teri shook her head, and then took a deep breath. “Not the names of those she wanted me to warn, but in mind, just before she shattered, I kept getting the name Rhiannon. Rhiannon. She didn’t say it, but I could feel it.”

“What about a last name?” Milly asked.

Teri dabbed her nose with the tissue. “It was hard to see it. I want to say Trembly, Dembly…”

Delilah froze, recognition gripping her. “Trombley?”

Teri stopped sniffling, locking her gaze to Delilah’s. “Yes. Yes, that’s it. Rhiannon Trombley. Delilah?”

Delilah looked at Milly, who wore an identical expression of shock and dread.


“One of you speak to me?” Teri demanded, standing. Evie stood with her. “Who hurt Beca? Who hurt my child?”

Delilah stood as well, meeting Teri’s gaze head on, swallowing down her emotions because Teri didn’t need them on top of her own. “Rhiannon Trombley. Seraphina Tay’s second born.”



Two families. Over two centuries. Countless victims.

It all comes down to this…

Delilah Isles has been waiting for the Tay family to make their move, and when they do the cost is a heavy one. They attack the young daughter of a close family friend, which forces Delilah to go up the mountain and start the investigation that has been two centuries in the making.

The Tays have been planning the moment of battle since their deaths, and Delilah knows that she and Milly won’t be able to fight the Tays on their own. But calling in backup brings unexpected consequences. Consequences that Delilah could never have imagined.