Happy New Year!

Happy 2018! I can’t believe how fast the second half of 2017 flew by.

I want to thank you all for reading my books and letting me know how much you enjoy them. You keep me publishing, and I can’t wait to share new works with you this year!

The winner of the giveaway has been chosen and contacted- look for more giveaways soon!

I wish you all a happy, healthy 2018 ❤ ❤ ❤


Favorite Childhood Halloween Cartoons

Happy Sunday! Following the October favorites theme, here are my favorite childhood Halloween cartoons. I will happily admit that I still watch these every year ❤


First up, of course, is It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I actually just watched this the other day 🙂 I cannot get through the month of October without watching this one at least a handful of times.

Garfield’s Halloween Adventure 😀 As with the Charlie Brown classic, I cannot go through October without watching this one at least a handful of times.

The classic Disney Halloween cartoons are also at the top of my list of childhood favorites that I still watch 🙂

And of course, we can’t forget Bugs! ❤ ❤ ❤


So what are your childhood Halloween cartoon favorites?

Finally, Blood Wars

As most of you know, I’m a huge Underworld fan. The series is one of my favorites in the genre ❤ This past weekend I finally got the chance to see Blood Wars, and I was not disappointed.



Okay, you’ve been warned 😉


The movie starts with a quick summary of what’s led up to Blood Wars. I thought it was done well. Then, we start right in on the action 🙂


What I loved about this movie:

*The action was fantastic, of course. The fight scenes were excellent and showed more than just guns. We get see the abilities of the vampires rather than them just shooting it up (though, they do that, too 🙂 ).

*The story growth. Selene, and David’s, story comes full circle in this movie and I loved that. At the end, both become Elders, which I think was perfect for Selene. We also get to see just how tired she is of the fighting and the killing, of losing those she loves. She’s lived a thousand years, and that it shown quite well. The toll those years have taken on her.

*The new coven. I found the Nordic coven to be very interesting, and wanted to know more about them. They live quite differently from the other covens, in a barren landscape, but they thrive all the same. One of the characters we meet is Lena, who also becomes an Elder at the end.

*The lack of Eve. The daughter of Selene and Michael. She certainly was driving point for Selene and Marius, and that made it feel as if she were part of the story even though she wasn’t physically there. I thought that was a smart move because her being there in person would have changed everything. We do get a glimpse of her at the very end, for a split second, and it was enough for me for this movie.


*Amelia. We get to learn a bit more about her past, and I loved that. She was an Elder yet her story was never really told to any degree as Viktor’s and Marcus’ stories were told. She is David’s mother, which I thought a great twist and made perfect sense.


*Resolution of Michael. This is a…touchy point with me, as Michael and Selene’s love story is one of the foundations of the Underworld series. While they were not in love in the first movie, the seed was there and they were drawn to each other. In Evolution, the love was definitely there, and drove Selene’s actions. He wasn’t really in Awakening, which wasn’t a complete shock and I still loved the movie, but I wanted resolution to their story- be that they were back together or torn apart. Their story was too much part of the foundation of the series to be left in limbo. Well, we got that resolution in Blood Wars. He was killed by Marius.

I am…disappointed, but I feel that it does further Selene’s story arc in a good way. I do wish they’d had time to reunite, that we could see them one more time together, but that would have changed Selena’s arc completely. I do hope he stays dead, because bringing him back after Blood Wars would not be a good twist in the story.


*New female characters. Semira (above) was an interesting character and I found her a great addition to the story…even though she was a bad guy 🙂 She reminded of Viktor in a lot of ways, which isn’t surprising considering her history with him.

Alexia was also an interesting addition, though her turning out to be Marius’ lover seemed a touch contrived to me. Still, it was nice to see another female character who wasn’t just another pretty face.

Both of them die by the end, but their deaths were well done, instead of being cheap kills.


Lena, of the Nordic coven, becomes an Elder at the end, and I really like her character. She’s different than Selene, but still a strong woman who will fight even though she wants peace.


What I didn’t like:


*Marius. While the new lycan leader is much better suited than what we got in Awakening, he just didn’t have that…well, he was no Lucian. He had no real depth, but there was opportunity to give him some.

*We’re told of a place that’s in between our world and the next, by the Nordic coven. Selene does go there but we only get the slightest glimpse of it at the end. I wish we’d gotten more information on it, and seen a bit more of it, because the existence of it deepens the lore of the vampires.


Those really are my only complaints 🙂 I loved this movie, and thought it was a great addition to the series. I do hope there’s another installment, and that Eve is in the movie physically. I think the writers set up her rise in the world very well at the end of the movie. Between Selene’s words, and Eve’s split second appearance, I’m excited to see where her story goes.

While I would love to see Kate in another installment, her story arc comes full circle in this movie, and Selene deserves a good rest after a thousand years of fighting and loss.

I’m going to end this by saying, if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth it.  This installment is fantastic and deepens the story and the world of Underworld in good ways. Of course, this is just my opinion 🙂 ❤



An Over the River Excerpt

Happy Sunday, my dear readers! Here is an excerpt of Over the River for your reading pleasure 🙂


@copyright October Weeks 2016

In silence, they walked around the property, getting a feel of what was around them. Of who was around them. Delilah took a digital camera out of one of her pockets and took pictures of the house, the sandbox, the garden area, the woods behind the house. Milly could touch photographs and get a flash of something sometimes. In fact, on occasion, her friend had picked up on things both of them had missed on location.

The energy of the dead swirled all around her, her senses buzzing. A weight was dancing along that energy, trying to keep it hidden. The energy she was feeling was from children. The weight meant someone was keeping the children from fully reaching out to her.

To double-check that feeling, Delilah reached out with her gift. A response came a few moments later—a little tug in her mind. A sound came to her ears, almost a whisper, but she couldn’t make it out. The sound was fast, as if it were being pushed right passed her.

Someone didn’t want the children talking to her all right. Well, that was too damn bad for that someone.

Delilah turned to Milly, who was about six or seven yards to her right, and found her standing rigidly. “Milly? Are you okay?”

“They played here, the children.” Milly slowly turned and faced Delilah. “With toys only she allowed, like my mom said.”

Delilah gave a nod.

Milly’s face paled. “There was something…something in their playing. A reason…”

Milly flinched, but Delilah didn’t move closer. Milly needed a bit of space with such an open area to tap into, and Delilah didn’t want to get in her way.

Resuming her picture taking, Delilah found herself near the sandbox again. A presence stirred the air, poking around her energy like icy fingers. She took a picture, waiting patiently for the spirit to appear. It was struggling some against the pressure of the “someone.” She didn’t urge the ghost—no need to rush.

Shoveling—a shovel digging into dirt.

The impression of a small shovel dug into the snow and scooped it up. The snow traveled in the air for a moment before sliding off and disappearing. A few seconds later, the grainy echo of dirt hitting the bottom of a bucket touched her ears.

The ghost was trying to tell her something. Sometimes, a child spirit had a hard time putting a full image through, but the audio was loud and clear.

“Put that shovel down right now!”

Delilah jumped at the shrill voice. A door swung open behind her but she kept her gaze on the stilled snow in front of her, halfway to the bucket, fear gripping her mind. The poor child was frozen with it.

“But Mama, I…”

Delilah moved her head slightly. Footsteps appeared in the snow beside her, about a foot away. The sound of fabric rustling came and stopped.

“I said no playing, young man.” The woman’s voice shook with anger. The fear rose. “You know the rules.”

“I just wanted to play for a minute!” the boy pleaded, and Delilah sensed him huddled in the sandbox, making himself small. “It’s been days, Mama!”

A growl came from the woman. Ice crawled up Delilah’s arm in response. “I know the days, son.” A dangerous whisper. “Just for this, you will play by the garden tomorrow.” A sharp pang of fear came from the boy, followed by his mother’s delight in that fear. “Oh yes. That is the perfect punishment for you. Now get inside.”

Just before the last word faded, Delilah snapped a picture. She knew who the woman was, and anger formed in her gut.

“She won’t let us leave.”

The solemn voice, so sad, came from her left side. The same voice that was in the memory. She turned to see the speaker, a boy, around eight years old, his head cocked to the right.

“Your mother?” she asked, for clarification. He gave her a nod. “Why?”

“We are stuck out here, playing only when she tells us, doing what she tells us.”

Delilah knelt to his short level. “Do you know why you’re still here?”

An expression only a child could wear came to his face, as if she were crazy for even asking. “She uses our playing as part of what she and Paul are doing.”


“The older boy in the house.”

Ah. Now she remembered—Paul was one of Joslyn’s eldest children. “What do you do when you’re not playing?”

His face grew ashen. “She feeds us,” he whispered.

Oh, she did not like the sound of that. Worry immediately tugged at her. “What do you mean?”

“We stand still and she feeds us energy, through fear,” he continued, still whispering. He swallowed with what looked like great difficulty, as if he were afraid to say his next words. “It’s to keep us from fading into the sunlight. You feel warm.”

“Thank you.” She smiled, brief but warm. “Why is she letting you talk to me?”

“She isn’t holding too tightly right now, but she doesn’t want me talking to you.”

Anger grew inside of her, all aimed at his mother. The fact that the woman was trying to hide the children’s energy while allowing one of them to speak to her raised very bright red flags. “Why won’t she let you play unless she allows it? Why does she have ‘play days’?”

The boy shook his head. He wanted to answer, but someone wouldn’t let him.

“It’s her. Joslyn.” Milly was suddenly beside her, making her jump again. “The poor thing is bound to the sandbox area.”

“I have to go,” the boy said. “She’s warm too…” He vanished.

Delilah sighed. Damn. She stood and faced Milly. “Did you get anything just then? Before he left, I mean.”

“Only that he’s tied somehow to the sandbox area, but I couldn’t catch why. He was gone too fast. I got here too late. I’m sorry.”

“Not your fault, Mills. Joslyn didn’t want him talking to me anymore, and apparently she really didn’t want him talking to you.”

And that last could mean that Joslyn knew what their gifts were, which meant that she didn’t want Milly seeing what had happened to the children.

Milly took a breath. “What did he tell you before she took him?”

Fixing her knitted hat, then looking briefly back at the sandbox, Delilah explained what the boy had shown her, what she had heard. “He confirmed Joslyn was the woman I heard, and I think from that alone we can take a damn good guess who’s responsible for him being tied to the box.”

Anger flashed in Milly’s eyes. “Yes, we can. Now we know the answer to the ‘who and what’ question.”

Yep, they did. But had she started feeding the children energy before they’d died? That was something they needed to find out. “Did you see anything before you came over to me?”

“I saw flashes of children playing solemnly or walking in the yard. All the flashes brought fear and sadness with them, but before I could reach with my gift to see more,” she shrugged, “everything went blank and I returned to the present.”

Delilah furrowed her eyebrows. “Joslyn’s blocking you somehow. I bet she’s using the kids to help with that.”

“I agree.”

They both turned to face the back of the house. “Well,” Delilah started, “if she won’t let us play with the kids, let’s go introduce ourselves to her.”

The First Day of Autumn

Happy first day of Autumn! The very best time of year 😀 In my opinion, anyway LOL


picture of Vermont in the Fall courtesy of Pinterest

I love this season- the temperatures are perfect (although it’s a bit too hot today- 80 degrees!- but it’s supposed to drop later in the week), hot chocolate, hoodies, the leaves are changing colors…just perfect. Then there’s late autumn, where the leaves crunch under foot, and the sweet smell of dying leaves lingers in the air (another scent I quite love). This is also, for me, baking season. The lowering temps and cool nip in the air always make me want to bake 🙂 I made dark chocolate brownies yesterday (yum!), and pretty soon my house will smell like apple pie, cookies, and other treats. I can’t help it- this time of year all I want to do is bake, bake, bake!

I hope you all have a great day!