Slayers, Ghosts, and Updates

Hello, and Happy Sunday!

I apologize for the lack of blogging. As you may have seen on my FB feed and Twitter, I lost my father in April and my focus has been elsewhere. But I do have updates on some things:

1: Tuck 3 is now over 40k and still chugging along at a nice pace. If this keeps up I will be done by the goal date I set 🙂

2: Sera’s first book is still waiting for me to return to it for revisions and rewrites. I plan to get to this soon, especially since her second book is itching to be written.

3: I’m writing on a few other projects as well~ four, to be exact. But my main focus is Tuck and Sera.

Lots of changes for me in my personal life in the last six months, and especially the last month with the loss of my father. Writing is giving me an outlet, allowing me to get lost in other worlds. I love creating these worlds, I love sharing these worlds with you, and I hope to have another book in your hands soon ❤ ❤ ❤

In other news:

I’m really upset that The CW didn’t pick up Wayward Sisters! I’m rather angry about it, actually. At a time when we need this show, they pass on it (despite it having far high ratings than the other shows they green lit). This is a show with strong female leads who are diverse, from different walks of life, who bring those different strengths to the screen. The wide range of ages, life experiences, body types…etc. I’m highly disappointed, and yes, I signed that petition.

On the flip side, the season finale of Supernatural was very well done, and even though I expected for that moment (no spoilers!) to happen with Dean, I was still heartbroken that it did. Season 14 will, at the least, start with a bang 🙂 ❤

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Oops, I Forgot Dinner

So, not unlike most authors I know (and follow), I was so deep into writing that when I came up for air, I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since about 10am. I’ve remedied that just now~ had a nice, hot bowl of chicken soup for dinner 🙂 I feel better now LOL

I’ve been writing on Tuck 3 since about 8:30am. I had two breaks in the morning due to also doing laundry, which is why I remembered to have a morning snack at 10am. I’m still writing~ a little over 4k words, and I’m guessing another 1 or 2k before I call it quits for the night. Tuck is just starting to realize the real danger she and her friends are in. We also get to meet someone that I think will be part of at least one more book (Tuck 4).

The ending of this book is crystal clear to me~ what happens to Tuck, what happens to her friends, what happens to the bad guys, and the consequences of every action. I know what needs to happen between now and the end, but every move isn’t quite as clear as the ending is. This book…it’s going to lead to bad things. Things that Tuck is going to have to deal with for a long time.

I’m really glad she started talking so loudly again. I’m glad to be back in her world~ for the good and the bad and the wicked.

Now, back to writing!

Be Very Quiet, I’m Hunting Vampires

The Damned and Path to Damnation were published in 2015, and A Taste So Bittersweet (The Damned told in Fiona’s POV) was released in 2016. Since then, I’ve tried writing Tuck 3 to no avail. If you look back through the blog, you can see where I thought Tuck was writing well and that I’d made headway, but nothing ever took for too long.

But, I’m happy to report that Tuck 3 is finally underway…for real, this time 🙂 After five or six false starts, I’ve finally found the story that Tuck wants told and I’m very excited about this one! I’m almost afraid to say too much about the book in fear of jinxing the momentum, but I will say that this story involves vampyr and strigoi, and that we meet new slayers. One of which is mentioned by Tuck in Path to Damnation. We also meet another one of Tuck’s brothers, and we get to see her in new locations.

For now, that’s all I’ll say. Once I’m further into the book I’ll give you little glimpses of the story. I’ve already made the book trailer for it, so there’s that to look forward to as well 🙂

And now, I bid you a happy Monday! I’m off to hunt vampires.

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Christmas Morning

Good morning, and Happy Christmas to those who celebrate! Happy Monday to those who do not 🙂 We have beautiful snow falling quietly down this morning, and it’s just so peaceful that it makes me feel peaceful as I watch it gently fall.

Confession: I have never been able to sleep on Christmas morning. I’ve always been up between 2am and 4am, even now as an adult…and without children 😀 I’m sure it annoyed the hell out of my mom and siblings growing up LOL But now it’s more about the feeling of the holiday season rather than “Come on, let’s see what Santa brought us!”

October through December have always been my favorite months, and not just because of the holidays. They’d still be my favorite months even if the holidays were taken out. And to help celebrate this wonderful time of year, I am going to be doing a giveaway!

DATES: December 25 through January 1st

HOW TO ENTER: Simply leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite season is.

PRIZE PACK: an Isles and West hoodie (several colors to choose from), an October Weeks mug, an Isles and West keychain, an ebook copy of The Damned and Path to Damnation, and a $5 gift card to Amazon.

This is what the hoodie look like in Heather Gray:

Speaking of Isles and West…

Today through Friday, all three of the full-length books in the series will be on sale for $0.99! You can purchase your copies by clicking the image below.

Have a wonderful, peaceful, calm day ❤


Progress Report

Happy Saturday! I just realized that it’s been a bit since I gave a progress report on my writing. So, here we go:

Sera’s Book: going well! Probably another 20k before the rough draft is done. Getting close! And yes, it does have a title, but I’ll wait to announce that once the first round of revising is done 🙂

On Submission: the first book of a trilogy that is on submission is…well, I’m still waiting to hear 🙂 This is the nature of publishing and that’s okay. I’m very excited to share this series and hope to have news for you before the end of the year. I think you’re going to love the characters, and the mysteries I set upon them.

Other Stories: I finally nailed the perfect opening for Tuck 3, and that makes me so happy that happy isn’t an adequate enough word 🙂 Hopefully this will now make the book write faster and more smoothly. We get to meet new slayers and deepen the world as well as put poor Tuck through the ringer again…because that’s how I roll ❤

I’m also working on two other stories, but I don’t want to say too much right now. Once I’m deeper into those books I will talk about them more.

And that’s my progress report. I know it’s been a while since I released new material, but these things take time ❤ Good things are coming soon!

Series Saturday: Tuck Houston

Happy Saturday! For your reading pleasure, here is an excerpt from Path to Damnation~ Tuck Houston, book two 🙂

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copyright@October Weeks

Published by: Evernight Publishing


Tuck put the locket into the right front pocket of her jeans and checked the rest of the room over. Nothing of importance—to the hunt, that is—was found so she made her way back downstairs and into the kitchen. Looking around, she saw a door that led to the basement.

Please be careful, Ms. Houston. I ask this for my well-being. I cannot get to you in the daylight.”

She heard the sincerity in his voice as she looked for a light of some sort, and took it to heart.

Seeing an oil lamp on the kitchen counter with some matches, she walked over to it, not surprised in the least. Penelope was expecting her. She set her drink down on the counter, lit the lamp, and then opened the basement door. When she stepped onto the first step, the board creaked so loud she lifted her foot immediately.

“That’s not a good sign,” she said, and then blurred down the stairs. She stilled instantly at the sight before her, which glowed softly because of the oil lamp she was holding up. “Damn,” she whispered.

Two sets of chains were hanging from the ceiling with, upon further inspection, old, dried blood, which should not have been there. Tuck looked down when she felt the slight dip her feet were in. A very familiar sort of dip.

She inhaled deeply; a body was below the dirt. A woman.

My adoptive mother.”

The simple statement caught Tuck off guard. Penelope sounded so…lifeless, and that was not something she was used to, though she couldn’t blame the Damned one bit.

Turning her gaze to the right, she noted another sunken area by a rather large iron box; Penelope’s adoptive father, no doubt.

The box sent a shiver through her, and she wasn’t going to open it because she knew damn well what that box was for—humans could be just as terrible to each other as vampires could. She didn’t want to look, but walked over the iron-barred contraption and saw, to her astonishment, more bits of dried, almost gone, human flesh. She inhaled; a human female, and not the mother.

Tuck realized with a sickening twist in her stomach that the smell was Penelope’s human scent, which had a slight floral tint to it—tulips maybe.

She should not be able to scent that, or see it. What the hell?

Do not think on it, Ms. Houston. You won’t like the answer.”

The box had a place to bolt the arms and legs and was only big enough for maybe a thirteen or fourteen-year-old, a small one at that.

Fourteen,” Penelope stated, and again, her tone was lifeless. Flat.

Fucking eerie coming from Penelope.

Tuck took another step closer to it, setting the lamp on top of it then taking a look around the box. When she looked back up, she saw the lamp flame flicker on something against the wall. Closer inspection showed it was an intricate envelope with her name on it. She took it gently off the small hook and picked the lamp back up.

She was ready to leave.