Favorite Vampire Movies

Happy Sunday! I was watching Underworld: Blood Wars the other night, and that got me thinking about doing a post on my favorite vampire movies πŸ™‚ There are too many to list in one blog, but here are the ones that rank the highest.


At the top of the list are my two favorite classics: Nosferatu (1922) and Dracula (1931). Now, I do enjoy other classic vampire movies, but these two are my absolute favorites, and I watch them throughout the year.


The 1980s brought us quite a few vampire movies. Near Dark, The Lost Boys, Fright Night…etc. These were actually the first vampire movies I saw, and that started my love for vampire movies πŸ™‚

Then came Buffy, Blade, John Carpenter’s Vampires, and From Dusk til Dawn πŸ™‚ I am not afraid to admit that From Dusk til Dawn is one of my all-time favorite vampire movies. I absolutely love it ❀


A few of my newer favorites, from the 2000s πŸ™‚ This includes the amazing 30 Days of Night and the Underworld movies.


And those are some favorite vampire movies πŸ™‚ Of course, I enjoy many others (hard not too). From the vampire comedies such as Once Bitten, with Jim Carrey, to the the numerous Dracula movies (such as Dracula Untold).

What are some of your favorite vampire movies?




One thought on “Favorite Vampire Movies

  1. Shannon Schoolcraft

    My all time favorite vampire movie is Dracula 2 Assention. Then of course there is the Underwarld movies, the older Dracula movies, The Lost Boys, Queen of The Damned, Dracula Untold, Blade, From Dusk Til Dawn (both movie and TV series) Buffy, Angel, Jhon Carpenters Vampires Los Mertose. If it’s a vampire movie, I like it. Unless it’s Vampires Suck and Daylighters. Oh, and I do love Once Bitten.

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