Audio and Party Update

Hello, my lovely readers 🙂

Just a note to let you know that the FB party date has changed from this Saturday, to Saturday July 15th. This is due to a few things, and I apologize for having to push it back, but I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

In other news, the dark cozy mystery I’ve been hinting at has been submitted and I’m hoping to have news in the next month or two. This would be the first book in a trilogy, and I really love the characters and setting. The series takes place in the Isles and West world, but with different characters, different town (but still in Vermont). I don’t want to give say too much right now, but as soon as I have news I will post it!


Audiobook Release Party!

Hello, my awesome readers! I’m here today to announce that I’ll be having a release party for The Damned audiobook on Facebook. I’m very excited about this release, so there will be lots of prizes, a grand prize, and much fun 🙂

Find out the details by clicking on the photo below.

A few words about this experience:

I really thought that this process would be weird, or maybe even a little unpleasant, but I was so very wrong. I have really enjoyed the process of making this audiobook; from choosing the reader, to listening to the chapters as they were uploaded. I will admit that hearing someone else read my book out loud is strange, and far different than when I read the words out loud (especially fight scenes!).

I’ve had plenty of help to walk me through this, since I’ve never done an audiobook before, and I am beyond grateful to all of those involved ❤

The narrator is amazing- she really nailed Tuck’s voice (in my humble opinion). The audio is completed, and I’m listening to the end chapters now. Once that’s done, any changes that need to be made, will be made, and then…we’re done 🙂 The book is on track for release at the end of the month- just in time for the July 4th weekend!

I hope to see you at the release party 😀 More information to come as the steps are completed!