Special Guest: Linda Robertson

I’m very pleased to host Linda Robertson on the blog today 🙂 I loved her Persephone Alcmedi series, and can’t wait to read Jovienne.


The destroyed stained glass window looked like an open mouth showing pointy, irregular teeth. Inside, the church’s cavernous shape trapped the sound of the downpour like TV static that couldn’t be muted. Not even inside the confessional.
Having finally learned about the drama that occurred during the sunrise mass this morning, Andrei came to see for himself. He hadn’t expected that Father Everly would be taking confessions with the evening services only an hour away, but then he hadn’t intended to make one. He shifted, uncomfortable in the darkened box. “Forgive me father for I have sinned. It’s been ten years since my last confession.”
“Tell me my son, what brings you after all this time?”
Hearing the exhaustion in the old priest’s voice, Andrei’s cheeks flamed. He shouldn’t be taking the man’s time on this holy day when his church was in turmoil.
But he had to. Because of Jovienne. Maybe the urgency stemmed from not going to mass since she came into his life. Maybe it was the rain. One of the strongest memories he had of her occurred on an equally wet day almost a decade ago.
It had been autumn, and she’d finally grown strong enough to be out of her bed more than she was in it. She had asked every day for two weeks to go to the cemetery. He’d used the rain as an excuse to put off the trip, but she was insistent and he finally gave in.
“Wait here for me?” she asked as they approached the gates.
“I’ll help you find the headstones.” She’d still been in a coma when her family were buried.
“I can find them. Wait here.”
He’d decided when they first met to respect her determination. ‘I can’ defined her. She’d endured so much and her willpower had everything to with her surviving to this point.
It would be key to her survival long-term.
Her steps, unhurried but certain as she entered the dreary graveyard, led her from the paved road to cut across the grounds toward a certain set of stones like she had a homing beacon. He watched her kick away the fallen yellow leaves, clearing the ground before a small headstone. Then she did the same for the outermost of the graves in front of the adjacent tombstone-for-two. The green grass was a stark contrast to the bright deposits of foliage.
The center grave she left covered. Andrei was curious if it was her mother or her father that she did not reveal, and if she’d had a brother or a sister, older or younger. It didn’t matter; he didn’t need to know about her past to train her.
When she returned, her cheeks were wet but her eyes showed no sign of having wept. The drops on her face were only rain. He marveled, wondering if strength or the misunderstanding of youth locked away this child’s tears.
She seemed to understand his scrutiny. “The sky cried for me,” she said, “and the trees are weeping pretty blankets.” She glanced over her shoulder at her work, the grassy area easy to pick out. “But some graves ought to be cold.”
“My son?” Father Everly prompted.
Andrei poked at the buttonhole on his leather duster and questioned what he was about to do. Everything he thought he understood about Jovienne had been proven wrong. But Father Everly deserved to know who destroyed his church. And why.
“I know the demon who broke your window this morning, Father. I raised her.”
Jovienne CD:
To hear samples of the music or find the CD buy link:
~What People Are Saying~
“Linda Robertson’s JOVIENNE is a unique and twisted journey of action, horror, and urban fantasy, packed with cool ideas.  In a genre where so much feels the same, it’s a pleasure to encounter a writer who has found a different muse.”  Christopher Golden, NYT Bestselling Author
“Linda Robertson has created an intriguing world, a compelling narrative, and a strong, canny heroine you’ll be cheering on from the first page to the last. JOVIENNE rocks. Enjoy the ride.” — David B. Coe, author of The Case Files of Justis Fearsson
“Linda Robertson has written a masterful example on using religious lore and legend as inspiration for damn fine storytelling! JOVIENNE is both soul-soaring and heart-wrenching, a fresh take on high-octane Urban Fantasy.”  James R. Tuck – author of the Deacon Chalk series.
Linda Robertson is an internationally published author. She won first place in the OSU/Mansfield Florence B. Allen writing competition (2006). Since then, she’s earned a cum laude Associate of the Art’s Degree in English and published several novels and short stories.
In addition to the Immanence series, she is the author of the Persephone Alcmedi series. A lifelong musician, she also wrote, performed, and produced a musical score/CD for Jovienne. When not writing or composing, she finds time to dabble in costuming/sewing, crafting, and furniture renovation. 
She attends various writing conventions and book festivals, blogs, and gives workshops about the craft of writing. A mother of four boys, Linda is married and lives in Northeast Ohio.

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