Supernatural Sunday

In writing news:

*Sera’s story is now over 15k! I’m excited where this story is leading. It gained a lot of momentum over the weekend, and I added a little over 4k. I can see exactly where the first book is leading, and know the ending. This is definitely a two book story.

*Short stories- two are done. One for Tuck, and one for the Isles and West series (in Milly’s POV).

*Tuck #3 has found its voice and I’m excited to see where Tuck takes me this time.

*A new, stand-alone slayer story has started. It features a new slayer, and her story feels quite epic 🙂

*The Damned (Tuck Houston #1) will be going on sale March 17th-19th for $0.99. So if you haven’t started the series, that will be a good time to pick up the first book ❤

In other news, I’ve cut the cord with my cable company and have been finding my way around my smart tv and Netflix. I’m loving this no commercial thing 😀 I’ve start binge watching Supernatural (I’ve not seen past Season 4, since I didn’t get the CW with my Directv package) and iZombie (a show I never got to see and am LOVING IT!). I have the CW app on the smart tv, so I can watch the current episodes once I catch up on Netflix with past season of both shows.

I’ve also found a a new love for the tv show Salem, as well as some epic B and D-Horror movies 🙂 And the PBS show, Victoria (not supernatural, but I LOVE period tv shows and movies!).

I really love the freedom of not having cable. The savings is fantastic. I only watched about 6 channels out of the 200+ I had. The only thing I miss is my local morning news. I enjoyed watching that before went to the day job. But I found the app for the local channels, so I can stream it live.

I don’t miss cable- it was a relief when I sent the equipment back. It was getting way too expensive, and I didn’t watch over half the channels.

And that’s about it for the weekend 🙂 I hope you all had a great one!


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