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Two families. Over two centuries. Countless victims.

It’s all led to this…

Delilah Isles has been waiting for the Tay family to make their move, and when they do the cost is a heavy one. They attack the young daughter of a close family friend, which forces Delilah to go up the mountain and start the investigation that has been two centuries in the making.

The Tays have been planning the moment of battle since their deaths, and Delilah knows that she and Milly won’t be able to fight the Tays on their own. But calling in backup brings unexpected consequences. Consequences that Delilah could never have imagined.


Finally, Blood Wars

As most of you know, I’m a huge Underworld fan. The series is one of my favorites in the genre ❀ This past weekend I finally got the chance to see Blood Wars, and I was not disappointed.



Okay, you’ve been warned πŸ˜‰


The movie starts with a quick summary of what’s led up to Blood Wars. I thought it was done well. Then, we start right in on the action πŸ™‚


What I loved about this movie:

*The action was fantastic, of course. The fight scenes were excellent and showed more than just guns. We get see the abilities of the vampires rather than them just shooting it up (though, they do that, too πŸ™‚ ).

*The story growth. Selene, and David’s, story comes full circle in this movie and I loved that. At the end, both become Elders, which I think was perfect for Selene. We also get to see just how tired she is of the fighting and the killing, of losing those she loves. She’s lived a thousand years, and that it shown quite well. The toll those years have taken on her.

*The new coven. I found the Nordic coven to be very interesting, and wanted to know more about them. They live quite differently from the other covens, in a barren landscape, but they thrive all the same. One of the characters we meet is Lena, who also becomes an Elder at the end.

*The lack of Eve.Β The daughter of Selene and Michael. She certainly was driving point for Selene and Marius, and that made it feel as if she were part of the story even though she wasn’t physically there. I thought that was a smart move because her being there in person would have changed everything. We do get a glimpse of her at the very end, for a split second, and it was enough for me for this movie.


*Amelia. We get to learn a bit more about her past, and I loved that. She was an Elder yet her story was never really told to any degree as Viktor’s and Marcus’ stories were told. She is David’s mother, which I thought a great twist and made perfect sense.


*Resolution of Michael. This is a…touchy point with me, as Michael and Selene’s love story is one of the foundations of the Underworld series. While they were not in love in the first movie, the seed was there and they were drawn to each other. In Evolution, the love was definitely there, and drove Selene’s actions. He wasn’t really in Awakening,Β which wasn’t a complete shock and I still loved the movie, but I wanted resolution to their story- be that they were back together or torn apart. Their story was too much part of the foundation of the series to be left in limbo. Well, we got that resolution in Blood Wars. He was killed by Marius.

I am…disappointed, but I feel that it does further Selene’s story arc in a good way. I do wish they’d had time to reunite, that we could see them one more time together, but that would have changed Selena’s arc completely. I do hope he stays dead, because bringing him back after Blood Wars would not be a good twist in the story.


*New female characters. Semira (above) was an interesting character and I found her a great addition to the story…even though she was a bad guy πŸ™‚ She reminded of Viktor in a lot of ways, which isn’t surprising considering her history with him.

Alexia was also an interesting addition, though her turning out to be Marius’ lover seemed a touch contrived to me. Still, it was nice to see another female character who wasn’t just another pretty face.

Both of them die by the end, but their deaths were well done, instead of being cheap kills.


Lena, of the Nordic coven, becomes an Elder at the end, and I really like her character. She’s different than Selene, but still a strong woman who will fight even though she wants peace.


What I didn’t like:


*Marius. While the new lycan leader is much better suited than what we got in Awakening, he just didn’t have that…well, he was no Lucian. He had no real depth, but there was opportunity to give him some.

*We’re told of a place that’s in between our world and the next, by the Nordic coven. Selene does go there but we only get the slightest glimpse of it at the end. I wish we’d gotten more information on it, and seen a bit more of it, because the existence of it deepens the lore of the vampires.


Those really are my only complaints πŸ™‚ I loved this movie, and thought it was a great addition to the series. I do hope there’s another installment, and that Eve is in the movie physically. I think the writers set up her rise in the world very well at the end of the movie. Between Selene’s words, and Eve’s split second appearance, I’m excited to see where her story goes.

While I would love to see Kate in another installment, her story arc comes full circle in this movie, and Selene deserves a good rest after a thousand years of fighting and loss.

I’m going to end this by saying, if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth it. Β This installment is fantastic and deepens the story and the world of Underworld in good ways. Of course, this is just my opinion πŸ™‚ ❀



Women of Horror Anthology

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be part of the Women in Horror anthology~ Beautiful Nightmares~ from Vamptasy Publishing. My story, The Legend of Old Jack, will be in it πŸ™‚ You can now pre-order it on Amazon!





Meet the Women of Horror on the Ides of March… Beware.

Demons, Vampires, Dark Readers of the Mind, Unspeakable Horrors and Ghosts that lurk in the night. When the sun fades behind the horizon and darkness falls, these are the things that chill your bones. Every bump, every whistle of the wind, every distant cry a nightmare waiting to unfold. Frightening. Terrible. Beautiful.
Beneath this cover you will find twisted tales of the macabre from some of the best in modern Horror, including:

Skye Knizley
Sarah Davis Brandon
A. Giacomi
Lily Luchesi
Laurencia Hoffman
October Weeks
Kindra Sowder
Faith Marlow
Petronela Ungureanu
P. Mattern
T.M. Scott
Nicolajayne Taylor

Cover design from Rebecca Poole of Dreams2Media

Read them, if you so dare, but leave the lights on. You never know who, or what, is lurking at the edge of darkness.
Beautiful Nightmares, a Horror Anthology from Vamptasy Publishing, the leader in Indie Horror.

All proceeds to be donated to the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


Releasing March 15th from CHBB Publishing and Vamptasy Publishing, Beautiful Nightmares is a celebration of the talented female horror authors from Vamptasy! Contributing authors: Sarah Davis Brandon, Skye Knizley, Patricia Annette, T. M. Scott, Faith Marlow, A.Giacomi, Kindra Sowder, October Weeks, Jolene Poole, Lily Luchesi, Author, and Enjay Taylor.

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