A Recommendation

Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

As most of you who’ve been following me for awhile know, I LOVE the Demons of Oblivion series by Skyla Dawn Cameron. Vampires, witches, demons, hunters, a pet saber-tooth… What more could a reader ask for? Besides more books, that is 🙂 Today is the release day for the last (cries hysterically!) book in the series- Oblivion.

You can still get the other four books on sale here, but only until August 12th, so hurry!

I highly recommend this series for those who love urban fantasy. I can’t rec it enough, actually. Below is the cover and blurb for Oblivion (I’m reading it now 🙂 ).

click cover to go to Amazon



Earthquakes. Plagues. Rivers of blood. The ever-so-popular rain of toads. When end of the world fare is on the rise, it’s well past business as usual in a city where the veil between dimensions is thin.

Quarter-demon Persephone Takata isn’t so keen on killing herself anymore. This time when death approaches, she’s ready to take a stand and fight to protect the woman she loves, along with everyone around them as the apocalypse swings into full force.

Meanwhile, trapped in her home dimension where her antichrist father’s rule is weakening, Mishka Thiering’s hopes for revenge on the living are put on hold when she stumbles across the truth the Court has kept hidden for centuries. Her death was the last piece of the puzzle, leading to a change in the dimensional landscape, affecting humans and demons alike.

Despite its fractured numbers, the shadowy organization who has kept tabs on Peri and Mishka for years is still very much in the game, ready to set into motion their final plan. For there is something much, much worse waiting in the wings—something old, something powerful, and something far more terrifying than Oblivion or any of the creatures it’s spawned.

Alliances, betrayals, casualties.

This is war. And only one sister can win.


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