Series Saturday: Skyla Dawn Cameron

Welcome to another Series Saturday! This week’s post will be about the Demons of Oblivion series by the awesome Skyla Dawn Cameron.

I came across the first book, Bloodlines, when it was originally published. I instantly fell in love with the main character, Zara Lain, and her world, and I was so excited when I learned there would be more in the series. Without further ado…



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Bloodlines, book one, introduces the reader to Zara Lain, a three hundred year old vampire who is badass and narcissistic and just…totally awesome. She is now a thief turned assassin. She is hired by her friend, Mishka Thiering, to kill the head of the O’Conner coven and his son (Mish fails to mention she’s married to the son, Nate). But an unexpected event, which takes down a huge chunk of the continent’s witches and warlocks, finds her working with not only Nate, but also Mish’s mother, Heaven Thiering, as well as a demonologist who happens to be a big fan of Zara’s.

I can’t even express how much I love the character of Zara. On the surface, she has the wit, the narcissism, and such, but her history makes it pretty clear how and why she becomes who she is.  Also, and this is just me, but I love that she swears a lot 🙂


Hunter, book two, is narrated by Ryann David. She is a hunter for the Venatores Daemonum- she and the other members are trained to fight for God and destroy all demons in the human realm. Ryann was raised by the church that trained her, as she’s an orphan, so she’s never known anything else. That comes into major play throughout the book after she and the team are sent to kill a vampire (Zara) who killed one of the team. She finds herself working with a psychic detective named Ellie Rhys (who is just fabulous!) and a few others along the way. But she soon learns that not everything she’s been taught is true, and those she trusts may not be as trustworthy as she believes.

I enjoyed reading from Ryann’s POV, even though her voice is so different than Zara’s. And I love that she is so different- it makes the story so much more authentic.


Lineage, book three, is narrated by Peri Takata. The best way to describe her is to quote the blurb: What’s a woman to do when her dad’s the antichrist, her grandma’s the devil, the end of the world is at her doorstep, and she’s out to avenge the murders of her husband and kids? Kill everything in her way. This is definitely who we meet at the beginning of the book. Her mission is to hunt down and kill everyone responsible for the murder of her family. Then, she’s going to kill herself. But things…do not go as planned. Her hunt brings her to Zara, who is the one person who can tell her who is responsible for the murder. She soon finds out that there’s a secret society who very much wants her alive for one reason. But she also finds her heart- which she thought died with her family- opening up to the love of another, and that changes several things for her.

Like Ryann, I enjoyed Peri’s POV. Though, Peri is much different than Ryann. While she does share some things in common with Zara voice-wise, there is a distinct difference that makes Peri really stand out as a character.


Exhumed, book four, brings us back to Zara’s POV. She is seriously put through the ringer in this book- I cried a few times, and felt all of the emotions she did, which is a good sign of how strong of a writer Skyla is. In this book, Zara has already been through a lot, but nothing compares to when her love (Nate) awakens as a vampire…and immediately tries to kill her. She gets the message that he’s woken while she’s with a client, talking about a new assassin job. But things get much more complicated when a certain best friend returns after being thought dead, and brings with her a child that will change everything between Zara and Nate. The arrival also heralds the coming apocalypse, and just how close they are to the end of the world is made all too clear.

As I said, this book puts not only Zara through the ringer, but also the reader. I had so many emotions reading this book, and they’re still as strong as the first time I read the book. While she’s still my favorite narrator and narcissistic, kickass vampire, the toll the events of this book takes on her is shattering.


I am very excited about the next book, Oblivion, which comes out in August. But I’m also sad because it’s the last book in the series 😦 This is the blurb for the book:

Earthquakes. Plagues. Rivers of blood. The ever-so-popular rain of toads. When end of the world fare is on the rise, it’s well past business as usual in a city where the veil between dimensions is thin.

Quarter-demon Persephone Takata isn’t so keen on killing herself anymore. This time when death approaches, she’s ready to take a stand and fight to protect the woman she loves, along with everyone around them as the apocalypse swings into full force.

Meanwhile, trapped in her home dimension where her antichrist father’s rule is weakening, Mishka Thiering’s hopes for revenge on the living are put on hold when she stumbles across the truth the Court has kept hidden for centuries. Her death was the last piece of the puzzle, leading to a change in the dimensional landscape, affecting humans and demons alike.

Despite its fractured numbers, the shadowy organization who has kept tabs on Peri and Mishka for years is still very much in the game, ready to set into motion their final plan. For there is something much, much worse waiting in the wings—something old, something powerful, and something far more terrifying than Oblivion or any of the creatures it’s spawned.

Alliances, betrayals, casualties.

This is war. And only one sister can win.

If you love kickass and varied heroines, urban fantasy, and books that refuse to allow you to sleep until you’ve finished them, I highly recommend this series! And right now it’s on sale, so now’s a good time to check it out!!!

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