Fantasy Friday: Kristen Britain

Welcome to another Fantasy Friday! This week I’ll be talking about one of my favorite fantasy series- the Green Rider series by Kristen Britain.

I found this series about a month before the second book released and quickly fell in love with it. Much time had been spent searching for a new series/new author in the genre that I could lose myself in. I hadn’t really found an epic fantasy book I felt that way about in five or six years, and when I asked my Borders (oh, I miss you, my favorite bookstore!) they recommended Green Rider. I’m so happy they did ❤

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Green Rider is the first book in the series. I loved the introduction of Karigan G’ladheon. We meet her as she’s running away from her school, determined her father hear her side of the story about the fight she’d gotten into. But along they way she meets a dying man with two black arrows in his body. This fated meeting with one of the King’s Green Riders sets Karigan on a course of adventure, danger, and the first blush of love.


First Rider’s Call sees Karigan finally excepting the fact that she cannot run or hide from the call of the riders…rather comically, of course 🙂  But the call brings more danger. Having defeated the Eletian who cracked the D’yer Wall, she was expecting some rest, but that is not what she gets. Rider magic is becoming unreliable, and Karigan begins to have visions of the first Rider, Lil Ambriodhe. We get deeper into the plot of Mornhaven in this book, and with the Eletians, as they try to figure out how Mornhaven’s monsters are escaping.


The High King’s Tomb finds Karigan as a seasoned Rider. We also get more in depth about Blackveil Forest and Mornhaven. This is also the book we get more into the love triangle (done well and right!) between Karigan, King Zachary, and Zachary’s bride to be, Lady Estora. I’ll get more into that at the end of the post 🙂


Blackveil really digs into Mornhaven story as Karigan goes back into the Blackveil Forest, though this time friends go with her as well as Eletians. You really get the sense of danger and time running out for Sacoridia. This book broke my heart in so many different ways.


Mirror Sight. Oh, what to say about Mirror Sight… I loved this book, though many fans did not. Karigan wakes in the ground, in a grave, and when she gets out and is taken in she finds out that she’s been transported almost two hundred years into the future (after she breaks the mirror mask). And she soon finds out she isn’t alone- someone else was transported as well. In my opinion, this was a great way to show a “this is what could be should we fail” scenario, and watching Karigan struggle with how women are treated and the almost complete lack of magic was both heartbreaking as well as amazing. Karigan grows incredibly as a character in this book, and she loses and gains so much. A new love, Cade, comes into the story as well. I loved Cade and thought he was a great match for Karigan. The romance did NOT overwhelm the story, it was just a tiny piece of the plot.

About that love triangle: I was rooting for Karigan and Zachary up until he told her that he would keep her as a mistress (they have not had sex in the books) after he marries Estora. I lost a great deal of respect for him at that moment because Kargian deserves much better than that, and it showed me that he really didn’t love Karigan. In my opinion, he wants what he cannot have- Karigan, a Green Rider. While I think he’s a good king, he is not a good match for her. Estora, who actually becomes a good friend to Karigan, is a far better match for him. And I don’t hold her fully to blame for the events in Blackveil, though many readers do. In Mirror Sight, he and Estora are married and she is pregnant, but he still longs to be with Karigan and I just…don’t like that match. I really don’t think Zachary loves her.

Meeting Cade showed Karigan that she was capable of loving a man that wasn’t Zachary, and that she could have the happiness she longs for and knows her parents had (her mother passed away when Karigan was very young).

The next book in the series, Firebrand, is due out March 2017. I can’t wait to see what happens with Karigan and what new dangers come from the Blackveil Forest. There are many threads weaving together and through the story, and I hope Firebrand has us seeing some of those threads get resolution and move the plot of Mornhaven forward. If you haven’t check out this series yet, I highly suggest you do. It really gets its feet in book two 🙂


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