Monday Madness

Welcome to another Monday Madness 🙂 This is what I’m up to in my writing:

~Gearing up for the release of A Taste So Bittersweet this Wednesday, May 4th! Can’t wait to share Fiona’s story with you all 🙂 And it is quite bittersweet ❤

~Fantasy novel: wrote a little over 2k on it this weekend. I’m not completely focused on it, as I’m on deadline for three other books, but I try to write on it when the words are in my mind because otherwise I’ll lose it/it will slow the writing down even more if I don’t.

~Over the River, Isles and West #1, will be releasing May 20th! So I’m gearing up for that release as well 🙂 This version has about 20k more words than the original, that was pubbed with Musa Publishing a couple of years ago. I think those extra words really help the story- can’t wait for you all to read it. The cover will be coming soon!

And that’s all for writing news from the weekend 🙂 I plan on writing a bit more on the fantasy novel this week as well as working on a brand new series.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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