Monday Madness~ Writing Update

Monday Madness will be the day I talk about what’s going on in the writing for the week 🙂

Isles and West:

I’m working my way through book three, Aequitas (due out December 16th), checking over everything after edits. I’m very happy with how this trilogy will end…though, my characters probably aren’t very happy with me LOL

I got a peek at the cover for Over the River (May 20th) ~ cannot wait to share it with you all! It’s amazing, and absolutely perfect.

Tuck Houston:

Because of other book commitments, I’ve put book three on hold until July. But I’m still hoping to have it done by the end of the year.

A Taste So Bittersweet, The Damned from Fiona’s POV ~ I am waiting on edits. Hopefully I will have a release date and cover to share soon 🙂

New WIPs:

I am working on a couple of new series LOL I don’t want to say too much right now, but one of them is revising an old ms featuring zombies, and the other is a new paranormal mystery series. I’ve also dabbled in the slayer world with a whole new set of characters, which I’ve fallen in love with and I hope you do as well!


I took a roughly two months break from writing at the beginning of the year because I had so many releases in January and February that I needed to concentrate on promoting them. I also had written so many books last year, to release this year, that I was a little burned out. Now, that doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing on things here and there, because I was 🙂 But I just let the words flow naturally when they wanted to instead of sitting down for a set period of time and getting my words in. It was a refreshing break, and in the end it allowed me to choose what stories were ready to be told and which ones needed to be placed on the back burner for now.

And that is your writing madness update for this this week 🙂


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