Series Saturdays: Books

Hi All. As promised, the first day of the new blogging idea. I’ve decided to designate Saturday as the day to talk about book series that I love, and hopefully you all love to. Or, if you’ve never read the books, it’ll give you something new to check out! I know I love finding new reads 🙂 This Saturday I’m going to start with the Kitty Norville series by Carrie Vaughn.


I adored Kitty and the Midnight Hour when I first read it. It was a breath of fresh air when Urban Fantasy started to become stale for me. I loved that Kitty was a DJ, a werewolf, and wasn’t the strongest of the pack. I loved that she was normal but different. Then, when the second book- Kitty Goes to Washington –came along, I fell even more in love the series. This was a new take on supernaturals coming out to the public and how the public handles it. The books that followed played with that theme and it was a nice change of pace that not all humans reacted the same way, and not all of the supernaturals reacted the same way to suddenly being known to the world as opposed to hiding or moving in the shadows.

The one thing that always drew me to the books, and the thing I loved the most about them, was that Kitty grew as a character with each book. She never stalled, she was always learning, she became stronger but never so strong that she was a one woman army that never needed anyone. The secondary characters in these books were as alive as Kitty, and they were extremely important to who she was and who she became. They were never shoved to the back burner and she never became a Mary Sue (as which I was grateful).

When the end of the series came with Kitty Saves the World, I was both excited and sad. I was also happy that it was ending before it could become stale or start to drag on and on with no end. This series, for me, ended on a high note. Plot threads were wrapped up well and past characters came into play to help Kitty in her fight against Roman. Carrie did a great job giving the series the ending it deserved.


This is not to say that there weren’t bumps in the road. There were two or three books that felt slow to me, that I feared the series was losing direction or it was venturing away from what had been building for several books. And I won’t deny that a part of the very end of the last book irked me to no end, but out of fourteen books and a short story collection, that’s pretty damn good.

My favorite book in the series? Kitty and the Silver Bullet. The book hit on themes that touched close to home, and that was the book (in my opinion) that Kitty really shined and the journey to who she ended up as began. That copy has a little extra wear than the others because I’ve reread it so many times 🙂



Have you read the Kitty Norville series? What did you think of the ending?


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