New Contract: A Taste So Bittersweet

And I finally share the good news!

I’ve just signed a contract with my publisher, Evernight Publishing, for A Taste so Bittersweet. What is this book about? This is The Damned in Fiona’s POV.

Originally, The Damned was written in two POVs—Tuck’s and Fiona’s. After much thought and many rewrites of the original, I decided that one POV would be best. Even though Tuck’s voice was the strongest I decided to write a version in Fiona’s. As I read the first 20k over, it didn’t feel right, so I focused on Tuck’s version and—after even more rewrites—the book became what it is today. I realized that the story had always belonged to Tuck. I had already planned out and written most of Path to Damnation while I was rewriting The Damned, and that book was always solely in Tuck’s POV.

I saved Fiona’s version, though. One, I don’t like deleting stories because one never knows when they can be rewritten for another character, and two, because that’s a lot of words and I just can’t bring myself to erase all the words. 375 pages of words. And it’s a good thing I felt that way, because I keep getting emails from readers asking what happened to Fiona during the time of The Damned. How did she survive her turning? What was reaction when she realized her past had finally caught up with her? Why did she continue to hunt and slay when it risked exposure to other slayers? What is her relationship with Mads?

Believe it or not, I struggled whether to pull out Fiona’s file and rewrite it one more time to answer all of those questions. The Damned had gone through many revisions before Evernight published it last year, and that meant heavy rewrites to her story. Her story did not end as it did in The Damned out in the wild today—that was also an issue. How much of her story should I tell? Where should I end her story?

After much debate, I chose to dig the file out and do the rewrite.

Her version ends around the ¾ mark of The Damned. I chose to leave readers with Fiona ready to do battle with the beasts who turned her. It felt right, and I wanted readers to walk away from the story seeing Fiona at peace with what she’d become and finally allowing herself to embrace her new life fully.

So you, my awesome, lovely readers, will soon have your questions about Fiona answered 🙂 ❤

A Taste So Bittersweet is projected to release in April/May.

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