The Shannara Chronicles

So, it finally arrived – The Shannara Chronicles on MTV. My verdict: I loved it!

It is by no means perfect, and some of the actors were off in the parts, but I really enjoyed it. The changes didn’t bother me at all, and I felt they were necessary and done well. This, I believe, is because Terry Brooks had such a heavy involvement in the making of the series. Some of my favorite things?

The demons…were friggin’ AWESOME!



Eretria–loved her ❤ Great casting!

Screenshot (178)


Allanon–the best casting choice in the entire show. Manu Bennett is Allanon–he owns every scene he’s in.



King Eventine–Jonathon Rhys Davies. No more to be said. Love that man!



What annoyed me?

Amberle. She wasn’t horrible, but she just felt…off to me. Hopefully she’ll grow on me as the series goes on, because she’s my least favorite part of the show.



and Arion and Ander. They weren’t horrible, but they feel quite right.



Still, I really enjoyed the adaption and can’t wait for the next episode!




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