Slayer Stories in the Pipeline

I’ve been asked the following questions enough that I decided to do a blog to answer them 🙂 And let me just say that it makes me sooo happy that you all want more books in Tuck’s world!


Q: Will there be more Tuck books?

Answer: Yes. I’m currently writing book three now, but I’m not certain how long it’ll take to finish as I have contracted books to work on as well. I can tell you that the new book takes place several months after the events in Path to Damnation…and that’s all 🙂


Q: Will there be books in Tuck’s world?

Answer: Why, yes, there will be! I’ve already got the start of a novel set in the slayer world that has a new cast of characters. I really love the idea of the book, and I hope I can do it justice. Here’s a hint–the family that the book is based on is mentioned in Path to Damnation.


I love Tuck’s world, and there are so many stories within it—from different slayers, and maybe a vampire or two—that writing them would keep me infinitely busy. I do realize I can’t write them all but I’ll do my best! Most of the stories will be one book each, but some have a two book arc. I’ll keep all you awesome readers up to date!




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