New Contract: Path to Damnation

I just signed the contract for the sequel to The Damned, with Evernight Publishing!!!

Path to Damnation concludes the story of Tuck and Penelope, and delves deeper into the darkness of her past and the strigoi 🙂


Cover Reveal: The Damned!

I have to give a big shout out to Jay Aheer for capturing the atmosphere of the book in this cover. I LOVE it!!! And the blurb is below the image 😀




Eight years ago, slayer Tuck Houston lost two of her closest friends to a Damned vampire named Josef Dragos—a beast who traded the sun for darkness and blood. She’s been hunting him since the day she walked into the carnage he created. But Josef has hidden himself well in the underground, from both slayers and other vampires.


When slayers around the globe start disappearing in a familiar pattern—Josef’s pattern—she’s put on the hunt. And despite the painful memories and very real threat to her future that come with tracking him down, Tuck is certain of one thing: she is going to make Josef Dragos wish he’d never been born.